Ileana Marquez Pedroza – The first mother to compete at Miss Venezuela

05 Dec 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

The 2023 edition of Miss Venezuela has already witnessed history as Ileana Marquez Pedroza has become the first mother ever to compete at the prestigious national competition. The pageant will crown its new representatives in just two days where Diana Silva of Distrito Capital will crown her successor as Miss Venezuela 2023.

Ileana Marquez Pedroza is 27 years of age and stands 5 feet 10 inches tall. She lives in Valencia and is representing Amazonas at Miss Venezuela 2023. Ileana is a TSU in Elementary Education and has a passion for teaching. She is a TV host and model by profession.



Being a mother, Pedroza feels proud of her motherhood and it has changed her. “Being a mother in my youth changed me as a person by having to deal with a society where I didn't fit its standards, however in a positive way I matured, studied, worked and moved on. Today I feel proud to be the mother of Guadalupe Antonella who is and will be my most important engine to continue growing as a person and as a professional”, she quotes.

As Miss Venezuela, Ileana wants to advocate support for children and adolescents at risk on the streets. Being the first mother to compete as an official candidate who is allowed to participate, establishes a precedent that undoubtedly marks a before and after in history.



The 70th edition of Miss Venezuela, i.e. Miss Venezuela 2023, will be held on 7th December 2023 at Centro Comercial Lider, Caracas, Venezuela where twenty five delegates will compete for the national crown and the representatives to Miss Universe 2024, Miss World 2024, and Miss International 2024 will be crowned.