Desire Cordero Miss Universe Spain 2014 is dating Cristiano Ronaldo

23 Sep 2016 | Angelopedia

Being a celebrity brings along its own perks, but also take away a lot from one. If you are a celebrity, you no longer have a personal life. Your personal choices and issues become the matter of public discussion, and you cannot help but participate. Same is the case with our beauty queens who are no less than a celebrity. Talking about personal life, former Miss Universe Spain Desire Cordero is making news these days.

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Desire Cordero Miss Universe Spain 2014 is dating Cristiano Ronaldo


The Spanish beauty who made it to the Top 10 finalists list of Miss Universe 2014 is currently tangled in the game of love. According to reports, the former Miss Universe Spain is dating ace footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Desire has reportedly moved into a new place in the Spanish capital and has been spotted several times at the gated VIP estate of La Finca on the outskirts of Madrid, where Cristiano lives.

According to a Spanish magazine, the duo has been going around for about a month now. If reports are to be believed, the pair hooked up after exchanging private messages on Instagram. According to report, Desire met Ronaldo through her instagram account and the love started to blossom. The Real Madrid star player is said to have initiated the contact through IG and both have been dating. Desire has written a series of puzzling messages on her Instagram account, which fans have interpreted as clues she has a famous new love.

One of her posts said: “Good things take time but really great things happen in a blink of an eye,” to which a follower replied: “CR7.”

We hope the rumours are true, we really do. What about you?

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