Meet Hida Siddique Contestant Miss Diva 2015

09 Oct 2015 | Angelopedia

Meet Hida Siddique Contestant Miss Diva 2015


Hida Siddique is a native of Delhi and has completed her graduation from Khalsa College, Delhi University. She carries a tattoo on her right hand. The three must-have qualities in every woman according to Hida should be self care, knowledge and self confidence. Being a Delhi girl, she appears to be of extrovert nature and loves interacting with people from different cultures. 

Hida feels that there should be a free day on which no one has to work and free shopping should be allowed on that day. She firmly believes in taking life as a challenge and has already learned a lot from her life. Hida feels that if one is successful then love will surely follow and both love and success go hand in hand.

Her simplicity and sharp features will make anyone take notice of her in one glance. She has a captivating smile which compliments her facial expressions to the hilt. The three qualities which she admires in a man are understanding, caring and physical and mental fitness.

Her favourite actor is Salman Khan, and ‘Manjhi’ is one of her favourite movies. She admires the mythical character of Lord Ram in Ramayana.

Hida wants to work towards making India a clean and green city where everyone is educated.

Hida Siddique is all pepped up to clinch the Miss Diva 2015 title. What do you have to say about this sizzling hot beauty??Will she make it to the title of Miss Diva 2015??