Dancing, Stunts, Wardrobe Malfunction and more on India’s Next Top Model Season 4

20 Nov 2018 | Angelique Reyes

India’s Next Top Model has been a very good platform for the establishment of many modelling carriers. So it is evident that Season 4 of the show is no less. Starting out with 11 ambitious and beautiful girls, the show has just six girls left who are competing for the title. Added to that, the house is filled with cut-throat competition, tension and drama.

The girls have gone through very difficult tasks in every episode, starting from posing around the fire, posing with snakes, underwater photoshoot, walking on a heightened ramp, to posing on a Disco ball till Episode 5. The show has last seen the elimination of Shalu Ojha.


Dancing, Stunts, Wardrobe Malfunction and more on India’s Next Top Model Season 4


Episodes 6 and 7 were no less dramatic and challenging for the girls. The sixth episode saw the girls paired up and posing on a rotating wheel. This task was particularly difficult because the girls had to maintain their balance on high heels as well as give out their best expressions for the photographer. As Urvi Shetty performed exceptionally well in Episode 5, she had the power to choose the pairings and she did not shy away from choosing teams that would give her an advantage over the others.

The first pair that Urvi chose was that of Tamanna and Aasma Qureshi. Aasma has been a very controversial contestant due to her problems with her family and her lack of exposure. More than that, Urvi took the advantage of the constant tiff between Tamanna and Aasma and paired them together. The second pairing was that of Rhea and Nisha because she felt they won’t be able to perform well together. Urvi chose Kat Kristan as her partner as the latter, even though was a wild card entrant, has been a very strong performer. The last pair up was between Malaica Kokane and Rushali Yadav.


Dancing, Stunts, Wardrobe Malfunction and more on India’s Next Top Model Season 4


But Anushka Dandekar, one of the mentors of the show has something else in mind. After Urvi declared the partnerships, Anushka informed them that they won’t be performing with each other, but against each other in a pose-off. After the judges decided whose performance was good, Malaica Kokane was eliminated.

The 7th episode saw the girls performing stunts by jumping off a four-storey building. While the experience was harrowing because of the height from where they had to jump, the girls managed to bring out their A-Game and gave some really amazing shots. The photoshoot was followed by the guest appearance of actress Sunny Leone who judged all the contestants on the basis of their dance performance on stage. The task was filled with drama, more so because Tamanna Sharma has a very unfortunate accident due to a wardrobe malfunction where the hook of her top went undone. Since she is a very strong contestant, she was able to maintain her poses and impress the judges despite the accident.


Dancing, Stunts, Wardrobe Malfunction and more on India’s Next Top Model Season 4


After the dance performances, the judges ranked how the girls had fared in their stunt performances. Urvi Shetty again came out as the best performer in both the tasks and at the conclusion saw the unfortunate elimination of Aasma Qureshi. In the episode, Kat got the award of Best Photograph of the week.

The episodes have been really entertaining for the audience and trying for the girls. Let's see what happens next in India’s Next Top Model Season 4!