Katarina Rodriguez – A ray of hope for the Philippines in Miss Intercontinental 2017

10 Jan 2018 | Irina Silva

Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2 second runner-up Katarina Rodriquez, the sizzling is representing the Philippines in Miss Intercontinental 2017 and people can’t hold back their excitement of a possible first-ever win of Philippines in this international pageant.

The Philippines has had a not so good run in Miss Intercontinental pageant till date. Though it did succeed in reaching the Top 3 when Kris Janson was 2nd runner-up in 2014 and Chrsiti McGarry was 1st runner-up in 2015 but the Philippines is yet to taste the full success in Miss Intercontinental pageant.


Katarina Rodriguez – A ray of hope for the Philippines in Miss Intercontinental 2017


But this time around there seems to be a ray of hope with Katarina’s representation. This 24-year-old beauty stands tall at 170 cm and is a graduate of Business Management and Philosophy from De La Salle University. Even before she became a beauty queen, she was in the spotlight as a VJ on MTVph, showing her fun and quirky side and making everyone fall in love with her sense of humour and great presentation skills. Katarina has not just been a professional model but also an athlete who loves to maintain a slender figure.

Since her crowning moment, there have been great zeal and enthusiasm that can be seen among the people of Philippines. Many are betting on her win and rightly so, considering the way she’s proving herself worthy of an international title. Some consider her a potential Miss Universe beauty also due to her strong and impressive attitude and approach.


Katarina Rodriguez – A ray of hope for the Philippines in Miss Intercontinental 2017


Katarina doesn’t believe in talking much but rather make people talk about her when she gives a reply through her strong-willed actions. Never underestimating herself, she is a go-getter who believes in herself immensely and also believes that every girl can stand equally with the men of the world. She once shared a heart-warming story in front of media of how people would say, 'Oh you run like a girl' to her when she was young, but she proved everyone wrong with her actions and proudly said, “I can run 21 kilometres at a stretch, can any guy in this room do that.” She thinks the same way for the world of beauty pageants and questions people to participate in a beauty pageant once in their life to understand the kind of hard-working and determination a girl needs. Now that’s called “Calling a spade, a spade.” She is influential in her attitude, that’s for sure.

Just after 2 days of her crowning rumours can forward that she won’t be keeping her title. Then she came out with an official statement where she denied the authenticity of any such rumour and gave a very straight answer and made it very clear to everyone that she’s is here to stay and slay. Well, no one can mess with this Filipina queen.

The last time the Philippines made a prominent mark in Miss Intercontinental pageant was in 2015 with second place in the competition. While that’s a great achievement in itself, this time Katarina is eyeing for the coveted title and rightly so, considering her beauty, personality and attitude, this queen can achieve anything her heart desires.