Laura Zabaleta’s participation rescinded in Miss Venezuela 2020 due to violation of lockdown

30 Apr 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Venezuela Organization took to their official social media to cancel the participation of Laura Zabaleta, one of the delegates of Miss Venezuela 2020. The decision was taken as Laura failed to adhere to the lockdown rules as she was seen meeting her friends. The organization, following the integrity, decided to cancel her participation with immediate effect.



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Laura also has explained her side of the story and apologized to the organization with humility. She also mentioned that she respected the decision and would like to be forgiven for doing something unintentionally that might have hurt the sentiments of the people as well.

The organization took to their official social media as they wrote, “Due to the veracity of the information that has circulated since yesterday in the different media and social networks, about the arrest of several people, among whom, unfortunately, Miss Laura Virginia Zabaleta, participant of the Season of Beauty 2020; Miss Venezuela, committed to her values of integrity, excellence, honesty, good faith, respect and ethics, informs the general public that she has decided to leave her participation as a candidate in said Season without effect, therefore, from At this time, his immediate withdrawal from the contest is official, with all the consequences that this means.”



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The organization also wrote that they urge the community to fulfill its commitment to solidarity and respect for current laws, complying at all times with the prevention, social distancing, protection, care and personal hygiene measures established in the country by the competent public authorities, and acting in adherence to all the recommendations provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

Miss Venezuela Organization also openly rejects any action that goes against the organizational principles and pillars that they promote among young people and that are specified in the Code of Ethics and Coexistence, which is signed by each applicant at the time of applying for the contest, with the In order to adhere to the values that they maintain both within the operations and before strategic, commercial and institutional allies.



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Laura took to her social media to clarify everything as she wrote, “To tell again the story you all know, I think it's too much but I thought it was right to appear here because yes something has taught me my family is to face the mistakes we make and assume the consequences of our actions. As young people, we must never let an outburst of rebellion cloud our minds to the point of attacking prudence, because yes, I was in a meeting with friends listening to music with volume at a time where I should not have done it, that was my mistake and I recognize it, it's impossible to hide it and I don't mean to either.”

She continued with a heartfelt apology to the organization saying, “I want to tell the organization @MissVenezuela that with all humility, I assume your decision not to allow me to continue my participation within the contest, you are an institution of solid ethical and professional values, so I thank you for the opportunity and trust that in your moment they gave me, it was a pleasure for me to be this time in their ranks. This contest represented a big dream for me but life goes on, I must move on, reaching other goals and materializing other dreams.”

As human beings, everyone makes mistakes but to own upto it requires courage, humility and confidence which Laura exhibited through her actions. Angelopedia wishes her all the best for her future endeavors.