Miss World Past Winners and Some Interesting Facts

23 Oct 2019 | Aakanksha Chugh

Miss World commenced in the year 1951, and the first crowned winner of the pageant was Kiki Håkansson from Sweden. Not only that, Sweden also won the second Miss World title with May-Louise Flodin in 1952.

Let's see some interesting facts about Miss World pageant and its winners -

a) First time winners from each continent are - Kiki Håkansson (Sweden, Europe) Miss World 1951, Antigone Costanda (Egypt, Afrrica) Miss World 1954, Susana Duijm (Venezuela, South America) Miss World 1955, Carole Joan Crawford (Jamaica, North America) Miss World 1963, Reita Faria (India, Asia) Miss World 1966 and Penelope Plummer (Australia, Oceania) Miss World 1968.

b) Venezuela and India have so far won maximum number of Miss World titles (6 each), followed by United Kingdom (5)

c)·Helen Morgan (UK), Miss World 1974 was the first winner to resign, and Anneline Kriel (South Africa) assumed the responsibilities as new Miss World 1974. Similarly, in 1980 Kimberley Santos assumed the responsibilities of Miss World 1980 after the resignation of Gabriella Brum (Germany).

d) No Miss World Winner has been dethroned till date.

e)·The longest reign by a winner in Miss World history was that of Sweden’s Kicki Håkansson for 474 days, followed by the second longest reign of Megan Young of Philippines as Miss World 2013 for 442 days!

f) The 'oldest' winner to be crowned Miss World was Aneta Kreglicka of Poland in 1989. She was 24 years 244 days old at the time of her win.

g) The youngest Miss World winner is Wilnelia Merced of Puerto Rico, who won the title in the year 1975 when she was 18 years 39 days when crowned.

Now, let's look at the past winners/ titleholders of Miss World till date -


Miss World Winners from 1951-1960

Kiki Håkansson Miss World 1951 from Sweden

May Louise-Flodin Miss World 1952 from Sweden

Denise Perrier Miss World 1953 from France

Antigone Costanda Miss World 1954 from Egypt

Susana Duijm Miss World 1955 from Venezuela

Petra Schürmann Miss World 1956 from Germany

Marita Lindahl Miss World 1957 from Finland

Penelope Anne Coelen Miss World 1958 from South Africa

Corine Rottschäfer Miss World 1959 from Netherlands

Norma Cappagli Miss World 1960 from Argentina


Miss World Winners from 1961-1970

Rosemarie Frankland Miss World 1961 from United Kingdom

Catharina Lodders Miss World 1962 from Netherlands

Carole Joan Crawford Miss World 1963 from Jamaica

Ann Sidney Miss World 1964 from United Kingdom

Lesley Langley Miss World 1965 from United Kingdom

Reita Faria Miss World 1966 from India

Madeline Hartog-Bel Miss World 1967 from Peru

Penelope Plummer Miss World 1968 from Australia

Eva Rueber-Staier Miss World 1969 from Austria

Jennifer Hosten Miss World 1970 from Grenada


Miss World Winners from 1971-1980

Lúcia Petterle  Miss World 1971 from Brazil

Belinda Green Miss World 1972 from Australia

Marjorie Wallace Miss World 1973 from USA*

Anneline Kriel Miss World 1974 from South Africa

Wilnelia Merced Miss World 1975 from Puerto Rico

Cindy Breakspeare Miss World 1976 from Jamaica

Mary Stavin Miss World 1977 from Sweden

Silvana Suarez Miss World 1978 from Argentina

Gina Swainson Miss World 1979 from Bermuda

Kimberley Santos Miss World 1980 from Guam


Miss World Winners from 1981-1990

Pilín León Miss World 1981 from Venezuela

Mariasela Álvarez Miss World 1982 from Dominican Republic

Sarah-Jane Hutt Miss World 1983 from United Kingdom

Astrid Carolina Herrera Miss World 1984 from Venezuela

Hólmfríður Karlsdóttir Miss World 1985 from Iceland

Giselle Laronde Miss World 1986 from Trinidad & Tobago

Ulla Weigerstorfer Miss World 1987 from Austria

Linda Pétursdóttir Miss World 1988 from Iceland

Aneta Kreglicka Miss World 1989 from Poland

Gina Tolleson Miss World 1990 from USA


Miss World Winners from 1991-2000

Ninibeth Leal Miss World 1991 from Venezuela

Julia Kourotchkina Miss World 1992 from Russia

Lisa Hanna Miss World 1993 from Jamaica

Aishwarya Rai Miss World 1994 from India

Jacqueline Aguilera Miss World 1995 from Venezuela

Irene Skliva Miss World 1996 from Greece

Diana Hayden Miss World 1997 from India

Linor Abargil Miss World 1998 from Israel

Yukta Mookhey Miss World 1999 from India

Priyanka Chopra Miss World 2000 from India


Miss World Winners from 2001-2010

Agbani Darego Miss World 2001 from Nigeria

Azra Akin Miss World 2002 from Turkey

Rosanna Davison Miss World 2003 from Ireland

María Julia Mantilla Miss World 2004 from Peru

Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir Miss World 2005 from Iceland

Tatána Kucharová Miss World 2006 from Czech Republic

Zhang Zilin Miss World 2007 from China

Ksenia Sukhinova Miss World 2008 from Russia

Kaiane Aldorino Miss World 2009 from Gibraltar

Alexandria Mills Miss World 2010 from USA


Miss World Winners from 2011 to date

Ivian Sarcos Miss World 2011 from Venezuela

Yu Wenxia Miss World 2012 from China

Megan Young Miss World 2013 from Philippines

Rolene Strauss Miss World 2014 from South Africa

Mireia Lalaguna Miss World 2015 from Spain

Stephanie Del Valle Miss World 2016 from Puerto Rico

Manushi Chhillar Miss World 2017 from India

Vanessa Ponce de León Miss World 2018 from Mexico

Note - After 104 days of her crowning, the title was taken away from Marjorie Wallace due to controversial reasons. The first runner-up, Evangeline Pascual of the Philippines, was offered to fulfill the duties left by the winner (without the title and the crown) but she refused. The second runner-up, Patsy Yuen of Jamaica, accepted the offer to complete the Miss World duties without being officially crowned as Miss World.


List of Miss World Titleholders Miss World Past Winners