Meet Magdalena Chiprés Herrera Nuestra Belleza Michoacán 2015

26 Aug 2015 | Angelopedia

Meet Magdalena Chiprés Herrera Nuestra Belleza Michoacán 2015


On July 6 2015 20 years old Magdalena Chiprés Herrera was crowned Nuestra Belleza Michoacán 2015, from the municipality of Zamora. She managed to get the crown, with her elegance, beauty and intelligence. She contended against six competitors over several municipalities.

The event was attended by state and municipal authorities; Lupita Jones, director of Nuestra Belleza Mexico; Ramirez Yamelín Cota, Nuestra Belleza Mundo 2014; Patricia Olmedo, director of Nuestra Belleza Michoacan; former beauty queen Michelle Garibay and Cocco, Nuestra Belleza Michoacan 2014, who handed the crown to her successor.

The participants had to go through three stages, personal presentation, swimsuit and evening gown round.

Magdalena Chiprés Herrera  is a very self motivated girl and believes that, nothing is impossible When you really want to accomplish your goals, just put love and commitment in what you do and positive attitude you will see That you'll soon catch you desire.

She was quoted as saying, “The Difference Between Where You Were yesterday and where are you going to be tomorrow, is what you think, say and do today”.

Her positive attitude and strong belief in herself makes her a strong contender at the Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2015.