Maria Camila Buenaventura spearheading her way to Miss Mundo Colombia 2020

29 Aug 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Mundo Colombia 2020, the national edition of Miss Mundo Colombia, will be hosted soon as delegates from all over the country will compete for the national crown and earn an opportunity to represent Colombia at Miss World 2020.

The organization is yet to announce the date for the pageant, but they have been revealing the contestants one by one who will compete for the crown. One of these divas, Maria Camila Buenaventura Miss Mundo Valle 2020 has caught our attention with her stunning beauty and dedication.



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Buenaventura is 24 years of age and a student of Social Communication with an organizational emphasis on Business Creation at the Javeriana University of Cali and the languages ??include Spanish, English and German.

Maria was taught the importance of sports for health at an early age and therefore she practiced skating, tennis, synchronized swimming, among others. In her school days, she participated in Intercollegiate UN and in musicals performed at the Municipal Theater developing her skills to act, sing and dance.



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Later in life, Maria got the chance to settle in Houston where she managed to accompany Foundations and Churches in Texas. Upon her return to Colombia, she was part of an aid group for women in Aguablanca. Now with her family, she helps different Foundations with which she is linked.

As Miss Mundo Valle 2020, she wants to support female empowerment from inside the prisons and show that women, despite the fear of abuse or domestic violence, can become leaders in their lives. She also travelled to Switzerland to study for a year after her school finished, where he learned both the language and its culture and the importance of showing Colombian identity abroad. She is an ideal delegate to represent Colombian culture and traditions at an international stage.