Nova Stevens emerges as a front-runner for Miss Universe Canada 2020

29 Aug 2020 | Ana Walia

The 18th edition of Miss Universe Canada i.e., Miss Universe Canada 2020, will be hosted later this year where the delegates from all over the country will compete for the national title as well as an opportunity to represent Canada at Miss Universe 2020 stage. The first runner-up will represent Canada at Miss International 2020 and the second runner-up will represent the country in Reinado Internacional del Café 2020. Miss Universe Canada 2019 Alyssa Boston of Ontario will crown her successor at the end of the event.

With the official list of delegates still being prepared, Nova Stevens has caught our attention as she is one of the delegates who will be competing for the national title and is very passionate about representing Canada at Miss Universe 2020 stage. She is 27-years-old and stands 182 cm tall who works as an actress, spokesperson, activist, mentor and a model.



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Nova was sent to Canada at the age of 6 when her family fled a brutal civil war in South Sudan to have a better life. She had to leave her family and use this opportunity as a driving factor in her mission to provide mentorship and support the children and the youth in need. Leaving her mother in a UN camp in South Sudan and her father and siblings in Ethiopia, and starting her new life in Canada, Nova believed in the power of faith in being able to change your circumstances.

By the time Nova was 15-years-old with the help of the Youth Transition program in Alberta, she had already made a life for herself, living independently, finishing school and learning the importance of guidance for youth. At age of 18 she earned the manager position for the program because of her maturity and her drive to give back. Living away from her family for such a long period of time, Nova is aware of the importance of fostering healthy development of children and youth from all walks of life. While she was working to find ways to reunite with her family, she simultaneously worked to serve the youth of Canada. She is a youth mentor with the YWCA and a spokesperson for the Keep6ix program to help underprivileged youth who have been wrongly convicted to go on to live a constructive life.



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Along with being a spokesperson, mentor, and a kindhearted human, Nova also works as a model and with her persistence and disciplined goal setting, she has become a published international model working in the fashion capitals of New York, Paris and Milan. She was adjudged as the first runner-up at Supermodel Canada 2017 and was also a part of Miss Universe Canada 2018 where she was appreciated for her strong and impactful performance but wasn’t placed at higher positions. Nova’s smile can light up any room and her charisma has established her as a sought-after spokesperson for Keep6ix organization. She is a co-founder and one of the spokespersons for ‘Freedom March Vancouver’ and ‘Black freedom society’.

The diva has decided to give Miss Universe Canada one more try and strongly feels that her experience and dedication will help her to win the title and give her the chance to represent the country she admires at Miss Universe 2020 stage. Nova hopes to use this opportunity to shine a light on the issue of families displaced and separated by conflict. She wants to win the title and everyone’s hearts which would encourage other young African Canadians and people of color to see the beauty in themselves.

Nova has always believed in the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle to promote both mental and physical wellness. She has always excelled in sport, competing competitively in volleyball, track and field, and basketball. This led to a full basketball scholarship out of high school. She continues to maintain an active lifestyle and practices mindfulness to remain focused on her goals. She had mentioned, “I am very proud of the woman I’ve become and my accomplishments thus far. Some of my proudest accomplishments. I want to leave a legacy of love, philanthropy and impact. I think the first key to success is knowing what you want, once you know what you want then you can orchestrate a plan on how to achieve it.”

The diva who aspires to continue her career in the entertainment industry believes that the entertainment industry gives a platform and opens the door for various opportunities that she can use to advocate her advocacy. She stated, “I want to encourage other young people of color to pursue their dreams in industries where we are underrepresented. Ultimately, I want to have a nonprofit organization that helps unprivileged youth lead a positive lifestyle as it is close to home for me.” On asking about what winning means to her, she mentioned, “ It means that showing the world that there isn’t an “ideal” beauty, we are all beautiful regardless of color, shade, shape, physical attributes or what ever construct society has created to be considered “more beautiful “. It is time to show the world the true beauty of Canada, which lies within our diverse culture and love for one another.”

Nova has started to prepare herself for the competition as she is working on her on-stage walk, body postures, body angles, communication, and interview skills. She is thankful for everyone who has helped her through her journey as she believes that good support system is necessary. She is surely one of the strongest, empowering, and focused candidate.