Maria Mumu for Miss World Bangladesh 2020 crown?

26 May 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

In the wake of corona virus spreading all around the world, there are chances that the national organization will be appointing a delegate to represent the country at the international pageants this year. If Miss Bangladesh Organization follows in the footsteps, then there are various suitable delegates who could be getting a chance to represent Bangladesh this year.

Amongst many stunning beauties is Maria Mumu who is not a newbie to the pageantry. An accomplished entrepreneur, Maria is also an artist, singer and painter. She is the founder of Moshal Mental Health Organization, running a team of mental health workers who provide mental health service by connecting people with professionals. The organization is doing activism by spreading awareness and breaking stigma about mental health.



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Sheikh Hasina, the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh has also applauded Maria for her stunning work and accomplishments. “It’s an wonderful initiative, go forward, Ma sha allah”, she says. Moshal is a foundation which aims to spread awareness about the mental health issues of today's youth and address them by providing relevant information, connecting them with counselors and therapists and assisting parents and teachers to help children.



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Not new to the pageantry, Maria participated in Miss Universe Bangladesh 2019 where she placed in the fourth position. Maria considers herself a warrior and with her strong performance and a fierce attitude, she sure will be a strong contender for the crown. With such a strong cause that she advocates through her business, Maria is right in the league of representing her country at a stage such as Miss World which gives a strong focus on humanitarian causes. In our opinion, Maria is surely a strong contender for Miss World Bangladesh 2020 crown.