Miss Universe Australia 2020 Maria Thattil will represent the community of dreamers at Miss Universe 2020

30 Oct 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Maria Thattil of Victoria was crowned Miss Universe Australia 2020 on Wednesday as she became the official representative of Australia at Miss Universe 2020. The pageant was held virtually due to Melbourne’s 112-day lockdown. However, the restrictions were eased at a perfect time allowing the stunning beauty to celebrate.


Miss Universe Australia 2020 Maria Thattil will represent the community of dreamers at Miss Universe 2020


Maria, a content creator, also talked about the reason she entered the national pageant was because of the diverse batch that participated last year and Priya Serrao winning the crown only strengthened her spirits.

After her win, she talked to the Herald Sun as she said, "I’m a little bit chuffed to be honest, I’m a little bit lost for words. Winning this title to me is an example. There are a number of norms that have been challenged and broken in order for me to sit here in front of you as your Miss Universe Australia today.”



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"It goes to show the power of the mind and the power of perspective can enable you to overcome any obstacle and any barrier to achieve what you set out to achieve. Doing this ultimately during a pandemic is proof of that”, she added.

Maria also took to her own official social media to reveal her happiness as she thanked the other women in the competition saying, "For the 27 National finalists. Our friendship transcends physical barriers - & I’m so truly humbled by this opportunity because it is a FACT that any of you could be wearing this sash, and we would well represented.



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"For my Vic girls - who’s resilience and love makes me proud. You just have to look at their faces and the tightness of the hugs to know this is OUR win and I am so grateful that it will be your faces in my memories of this night who were by my side."

She also expressed gratitude for the immense support and love and said further, “I’m someone who loves responding to every message and comment I receive here - but the Universe has blessed me with so much abundance and love from you that it’s not humanly possible right now so I’ll say this.”

"Australia - the work begins right now to do everything I can to represent our beauty and our power on a global scale. I’ll not only do everything I can to make you proud ... but to shake things up.



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"I believe I represent a community of dreamers globally, of people who are here to challenge the culture scape to make new things possible. There are a number of norms that have been broken for me to stand here as a Miss Universe contestant - our reigning [Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi] told us to take up space. I’m telling you to not only take up space - but together we are going to CREATE new spaces. To break ground. To change the game”, she finished.

It is great to see women from all over the world breaking barriers of colour, diversity and conventional beauty standards. Maria, being another example, will surely be a strong contender at the international stage.