Meet Nicole Lamberts, Miss South Africa 2015 Finalist

02 Mar 2015 | Angelopedia

Miss South Africa 2015, an annual national pageant of South Africa that selects the country's representatives for Miss Universe and Miss World pageants, is back and is scheduled to be held on March 29' 2015. The Miss South Africa follows the concept that a beauty queen should be beautiful both outside as well as inside. The pageant has officially commenced with the selection of 12 beautiful contestants, who will be competing for the prestigious title.

Amidst all the chaos and hustle and bustle of pageantry pressure, we decided to give you an insight of these twelve gorgeous ladies. So, let’s begin with Nicole Lamberts, contestant from Stellenbosch, Western Cape. 24 years old Nicole Lamberts celebrated her birthday on the day the Top 12 were announced. She expressed her excitement and said, “The judging was extremely tough but I gave it my all and left it to fate.”

Nicole was going into her final honours year of B. Occupational Therapy, when she hopped on the opportunity to become a Miss South Africa 2015 finalist. She is not an amateur to the glamour world and has won few beauty contests before. She was Miss Stellenbosch 2012 and Miss Veet 2013. Nicole is leaving no stone unturned towards winning the title of Miss South Africa 2015, so as to fulfill her passion of working for her country and more specifically, for its citizens.


Nicole Lambert Miss South Africa 2015 finalist


When asked what message she would like to give out to her fans, as one of the Top 12 finalist of Miss South Africa 2015, Nicole said, “My message is a simple one. It’s something I was told on the last day of high school - you are the creator of your own happiness. Happiness is a state of being and relies on no one but yourself. Once you can find your happiness, no one can take that from you, no matter who they are, or in what situation you find yourself. Embrace who you are and let it shine. Don't be afraid of how high the sky is; instead soar through it and go as high as you possibly can. Wear a parachute so that you're always safe, but spread your wings with confidence. Live your best life and always be in pursuit of happiness