Meet the finalists of Miss Universe Malaysia 2015!

07 Feb 2015 | Angelopedia

Miss Universe Malaysia 2015, also referred to as The Next Miss Universe Malaysia 2015, is on the road to its finals, and is scheduled to be held on March 11, 2015. Miss Universe Malaysia is an annual national beauty pageant, held in Malaysia, to select representative for Miss Universe. As we introduced you previously, to the six contestants out of 17, participating at the pageant, let’s meet the other contestants.


Miss Universe Malaysia 2015 finalists


Let’s start with Kelly Jagan. Kelly is a known face to the modeling industry. She comes from a background of Chinese-Indian origin. Kelly loves to dance, and has a flair in street dancing. She considers dancing as her stress buster. Volleyball is one of her favourite sports and she enjoys playing it during her free time. When free from work, she likes to cook, travel around different places and work out in the gym. Kelly follows certain basic rules in life, which includes, punctuality, keeping it real, and being disciplined in every aspect of life. She believes, these traits have helped her earn some true and real friends in life. If given a chance, Kelly would like to help raise awareness on child sex trafficking.

Next on the list is, Kohinoor Kaur. Kohinoor is a law graduate, who loves fashion, enjoys travelling and is mad about fast racing cars. Kohinoor describes herself as vulnerable yet a tough woman, who apart from modeling also helps her family in business with events management and real estate. Kohinoor likes cooking and counts grilled salmon as one of her speciality dishes. IF given a chance, she would like to help single mothers and abused women and would like to raise more and more awareness on this issue.

Let’s meet our next contestant, Meera Maniar. Meera is a business graduate, currently working at an online start-up company and is passionate about social entrepreneurship. During her school years, Meera used to be very shy, and to overcome her lack of confidence, she participated in public speaking, and took self-improvement courses. Meera is trained in Indian classical dance and her hobbies include painting, kickboxing and swimming. She loves adventure and enjoys outdoor activities like bungee jumping and white water rafting. Meera is an optimistic ambitious woman, who aspires to empower women and help them find their voice by teaching life skills to help them achieve their dreams.


Miss Universe Malaysia 2015 finalists


Moving on to the other contestants, next we have Nisha Kumar. Nisha is a graduate in physiotherapy, and is currently working in her family business. Nisha has always been inclined towards various art forms. She is a trained Indian classical dancer and violinist. Describing herself as bubbly, talkative and loud, Nisha is passionate about helping children. She believes that her love for writing and fashion, will someday take her towards her dream to become a fashion journalist.

Next on line is, Pauline Tan. Pauline is an English Literature graduate from Taiwan and is currently working as a freelancer at a production house. Pauline took a little too long to broom herself into the world of fashion an make up, as she was 20, when she bought her first make up kit. Pauline is trained in ballet and piano and is passionate about performing arts. Pauline is a multi tasker and is skilled in pageants, live performances, acting, hosting shows and dance choreography. Director Michael Bay is her idol and she dreams of becoming a producer cum director like her. Pauline also aspires to become an actress and TV host in the Korean entertainment industry.

Next on the list is Pauline Thong. Pauline is a student pursuing a business degree. During her school time, Pauline used to be an active participant in co-curricular activities and was involved in cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, badminton and running. She wants to work in the fashion industry and would love to develop her own line of clothing someday. Pauline even started an online fashion business, selling clothes and fashion accessories. Autism is very close to Pauline’s heart, and if given a chance, she would like to raise awareness about the disorder.