Mexicana Universal 2018 Top 6 announced

29 May 2018 | Irina Silva

Mexicana Universal 2018 held its eighth gala on Sunday 27th May 2018 amidst breaking news covering the internet of how one of the delegates who suffered a terrible accident. The gala opened with a walk down the memory lane as ‘Opening through Time’.

As the Gala began with beautiful performances, the first shock hit the contestants as Mexicana Universal Michoacán 2017 was eliminated and thus remained only 9 contestants. She walked off the stage with her final catwalk amidst a huge applause from the audience.

Mexicana Universal Colima 2017 Andrea Toscano has announced the first finalist as the spectators looked in awe at the beauty. A lot of speculation surrounded Mexicana Universal Veracruz 2017 Martha Briano’s elimination, some even calling the reality competition rigged as she was considered the perfect candidate for representing Mexico at Miss Universe 2018 by the followers.


Mexicana Universal 2018 Top 6 announced


The gala witnessed the elimination of two more candidates namely Mexicana Universal Yucatan 2017 Anapaola De Anda and Mexicana Universal Puebla 2017 Montserrat Curis who walked off the stage giving their final catwalk.

Also, in an unfortunate accident, Mexicana Universal Veracruz 2017 suffered a terrible accident walking on the catwalk with obstacles as she hit one of them causing her to lose balance and fall to the ground. She suffered second-degree cervical sprain and is in recovery.


Mexicana Universal 2018 Top 6 announced

(Photo Courtesy: Mexicana Universal Instagram Official)

So, without further ado, Here is our Top 6 contestants competing for Mexicana Universal 2018 –

Mexicana Universal Colima 2017 Andrea Toscano

Mexicana Universal Guerrero 2017 Lupita Valero

 Mexicana Universal Tabasco 2017 Aranza Molina

Mexicana Universal Jalisco 2017 Nebai Torres

 Mexicana Universal Zacatecas 2017 Karely Sandoval

Mexicana Universal Sinaloa 2017 Maryely Leal