Miss Earth Guyana 2018 finalist Luan Pellew ‘Beauties for a Cause’ Project

29 May 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Earth Guyana 2018 will organize its grand finale on 23rd June 2018 where seven beauties will compete for the national crown and the opportunity to represent Guyana at Miss Earth 2018.

Before the finale, Miss Earth Guyana 2018 contestants presented their ‘Beauties for a Cause’ project which will be a major factor in determining if the contestant is worthy of the title and its representation at international platforms.

In a series of features, we will look at their projects and how it can help in protecting the environment from major issues. The second is by Luann OnikaRay Pellew’s ‘Eliminating our Garbage Crisis’.


Miss Earth Guyana 2018 finalist Luan Pellew ‘Beauties for a Cause’ Project


Luann Pellew has been advocating about eliminating garbage crisis as well as controlling the stray animals since she was announced one of the finalist of Miss Earth Guyana 2018. In her own words, She states, “I strongly believe that a healthy, safe and clean environment will always make our future and the future for our children bright, thats why my platform is called "Eliminating our garbage crisis" and "Controlling our stray animals." As we live our day to day lives we all are affected by the dumping of garbage and the impact stray animals have when it comes to our public domain. Animals are one of the most important species to mother earth and caring for them is our responsibility.”


Miss Earth Guyana 2018 finalist Luan Pellew ‘Beauties for a Cause’ Project


She also believes that the education about disposing garbage properly is the responsibility of the educational institutions which should begin with the nursery and primary schools. If she wins the title, she quotes, “in addition, along with the Ministry of Education I plan on visiting every school helping to educate how important it is on having a clean and healthy environment.”

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