Meet Diana Martinez Mexicana Universal Michoacán 2018 for Mexicana Universal 2019

19 Mar 2019 | Camilla Suarez

Diana Martínez Lagunas won the crown of Mexicana Universal Michoacán 2018 at the finale held on 09th November 2018 at the Obrero Theatre in the city of Zamora. By securing this win, she became an official representative of Michoacán in the national pageant of Mexicana Universal 2019.

At the finale, Diana very competently demonstrated her skills in the different rounds such as – presenting in a cocktail dress, swimsuit presentation, evening dress and communication. She became a champion in all aspects of the competition such as beauty, physical harmony, scenic development, oratory. After she wins, the crown of Mexicana Universal Michoacán 2018 was imposed on by the director and former Mexican Miss Universe Lupita Jones and Mexicana Universal Michoacán 2017 Leslie Gonzalez who handed over the throne to her successor. Diana is no stranger to pageantry as she previously competed at Reina Expo Feria Michoacán 2014 and Mexicana Universal Michoacán 2017.


Meet Diana Martinez Mexicana Universal 2018 Michoacán for Mexicana Universal 2019


The young beauty is originally from Nueva Italia De Ruiz, Michoacán De Ocampo. She is 23-year-old and a student at the Michoacán University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo (UMSNH). She is pursuing her studies in Law. One of her passion is to defend causes which she believes in, hence she decided to study Law and make a career in it.

She also works as a gym instructor and practices physical constructivism. Her hobbies consist of singing and practising sports. Apart from that, she is also a model and Bikini Fitness competitor. The 23-year-old is very disciplined and passionate about public speaking and oratory. The gorgeous diva considers her family her backbone and fundamental source of motivation.


Meet Diana Martinez Mexicana Universal 2018 Michoacán for Mexicana Universal 2019


The beauty queen strongly believes that the beauty of women can be exploited to seek social transformation. According to her physical beauty alone will not fetch success in life. One must also have intelligence and a philanthropic spirit in order to be a driver of social change. She genuinely believes in the bright future of Mexico as it is a free and democratic country, but is also aware of the fact that patriarchy and machismo still plague the Mexican society. According to her women are not taken into account as they deserve. She advocates that women are capable, determined and committed to the country and, like men, they can have the same opportunities to hold large-scale positions.


Meet Diana Martinez Mexicana Universal 2018 Michoacán for Mexicana Universal 2019

(Photo Courtesy: Diana Martinez Instagram Official)

Angelopedia wishes Diana Martínez Lagunas all the very best on the pathway to Mexicana Universal 2019 and may she achieve all her goals!