Mexicana Universal 2020 Final Hot Picks

26 Nov 2020 | Ana Walia

The organization of Mexicana Universal is all set to host the coronation ceremony on 29th November 2020 at Hotel Misión Grand Juriquilla Santiago de Querétaro where the delegates will be competing for the national crown and earn a chance to represent Mexico at Miss Universe 2020. The winner will succeed Mexicana Universal 2019 Sofia Aragon for the title but Mexicana Universal 2019 first runner-up Claudia Lozano of Nuevo León will crown the successor at the end of the event finale.

We have selected our favourites from the group who we think have the potential to win the title and represent Mexico at Miss Universe 2020 stage. Let’s look at the favourites:

Mexicana Universal Sonora 2019 Karla Ochoa

Karla is 23-years-old and stands 173 cm tall and is a student of the law degree and works as an activist with a Civil Association; "Leave your mark" that helps children and older adults. She mentioned that beauty pageants have helped her to grow in all aspects of her life. She further added that she has been able to be explore and evolve as a stronger, capable, confident, tenacious, disciplined and woman. She would like to use the platform to promote issues important to her life such as Values and Education. Karla describes herself as a woman with perseverance, discipline, and justice who likes to “Fight for your dreams”. She is one of the strongest contenders for the title and fan’s favourite too.

Mexicana Universal Nuevo León 2019 Andrea Bazarte

Andrea is 26-years-old and stands 171 cm tall and has graduated with a marketing degree and lives in Monterrey, Mexico and is an entrepreneur. She is very passionate about being a beauty queen and ensures that creativity, passion, responsibility, organization, innovation, and teamwork are her main values. Andrea feels blessed and extremely excited to be representing Nuevo León as she believes that her win is not just a crown for her, it’s an opportunity to grow, to raise her voice, to defend, to fight. Andrea is supporter of ‘Being Real Gives You Freedom’ motto where she urges the people to break the stereotypes of what society dictates. She wants young women to accept their flaws and embrace them just like she has. One of the fan’s favourite for the title, Andrea is emerging as one of the front runners for the title.

Mexicana Universal Sinaloa 2019 Debora Hallal

Debora is 23-years-old and stands 178 cm tall and has a degree in Business Administration and advanced level of English is focused on altruistic actions, actively participating in civil association and with the Sinaloan youth. She is the creator of the project called, ‘A Purpose’, in which she explained that she visits marginalized communities to provide all kinds of primary assistance. The diva had commented that she seeks to replicate her project in more communities, inspire young people to be agents of change and take actions to help. She is very persuasive with her speech as well which can impress the judges.

Mexicana Universal Colima 2019 Ivonne Barocio

Ivonne is 21-years-old and stands 173 cm tall and is a student of Medicine at the University of Colima and is a collaborator in Scientific Research by the University of Nuevo León in Biomedical area. The model is a black ribbon, the first Dan in State elected Karate and practices tennis, yoga, and healthy lifestyle. Being a survivor of diagnostic premature during birth and first years of her life and has started to promote her program, “If I Could, You Can Too”, where she helps the parents get professional help for the children who suffer or live a recent diagnosis of a disease. She is an activist for various social groups for girls and adolescents including, ‘’Encounters, Decisions and Convictions’’. She has acted as a spokesperson for social deficiencies such as lack of education and public health as a constitutional right in the most vulnerable sectors. She works for the safety of the women especially Mexican women.

Mexicana Universal Chihuahua 2019 Andrea Meza

Andrea is 25-years-old and stands 182 cm tall and has studied Software Engineering at the Autonomous University of Chihuahua. Andrea firmly believes in the empowerment of women, which is why she excelled at various academic, human, and professional levels. She wants to use the platform to empower women and work for the society as she feels deeply for the people in her community. She has been one of the consistent performers at the competition and is surely one of the fan favourites for the title of Mexicana Universal 2020. Andrea Meza is none other than our first runner-up from Miss World 2017.

Mexicana Universal Ciudad de México 2019 Brenda Smith

Brenda is 25-years-old and stands 171cm tall and has a degree in Journalism and Cultural Studies and is an activist and a lecturer. Interestingly, the diva has a triple nationality that of Mexican, American, and Panamanian. She currently working on a project with the UN and as a professional model. She is a proud advocate and presenter of Afro-Latin culture and has dedicated herself to fight and raise awareness about the recognition, justice, and development of the people of African descent around the world. She would use the platform of Mexicana Universal to raise the awareness and reach out to more people regarding the same.

Mexicana Universal Baja California Sur 2019 Italy Reynoso

Italy is 23-years-old and stands 174cm tall with a graduate degree in modern languages. Italy is a modern, optimistic, and strong opinionated woman who is ready to take over the stage in order to win the title of Mexicana Universal 2020 and represent Mexico at Miss Universe 2020 stage. She is a strong contender for the title as she has shown immense dedication and determination towards the title.

Mexicana Universal Coahuila 2019 Lucila Linaje

Lucila is 22-years-old and stands 174 cm tall and holds a degree in medicine in Saltillo and is aiming to specialize in oncology or plastic surgery and works as a professional model. The diva strongly believes that a pretty face is not enough, one must be disciplined, hardworking and persistent, commented later to win the contest and become the representative of the State. The diva has always advocated about women’s rights in her country and would use the platform of Mexicana Universal 2020 for the same. She feels that the world will be a better place if everyone settles for equal rights for every gender. One of her strengths is that if you tell her: 'do this to improve', she will listen and change that.


Mexicana Universal 2020 Final Hot Picks


Mexicana Universal Hidalgo 2019 Griselda Garzón Quiroz

Griselda is 25-years-old and stands 171cm tall. She has graduated with a degree in Bachelors in International Trade and Customs and later studied English at the University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio Texas. She would like to use the platform of Mexicana Universal 2020 to advocate about how much hard work and dedication is helpful in achieving the dreams. She would like to reach out to people especially young women who are dealing with low self-confidence and are not sure about how they want to pursue their lives. The diva would like to be a role model and share her experience with them to help them gain confidence and much needed upliftment.

Mexicana Universal Quintana Roo 2020 Monserrat Sánchez

Monserrat is 21-years old and stands 176cm tall and studies Business Engineering at the University of Quintana Roo, Campus Playa del Carmen who describes herself as an authentic and sparkling person, and committed. She believes that the organization saw her as a person who had great potential and who is going to strive to grow. She mentioned that all previous experiences have helped her to learn and try harder in everything. She had explained, “I want to absorb and transmit all these teachings as a message so that in Quintana Roo more girls are encouraged to participate and see how gratifying it is to represent your State, directing reflectors and glances towards it; Quintana Roo is a land of beautiful women, culture, tourism and more”.

 Mexicana Universal Veracruz 2020 Estefanía Ruíz

Estefanía is 24 years of age and stands 175 cm tall and has shown immense dedication towards winning the title and representing Mexico at Miss Universe 2020 stage. Estefania works for New Icon Models which particularly a well-known model agency in Veracruz. The diva works hard for what she wants and in order to achieve her goals, she works with full dedication and determination.

Mexicana Universal Chiapas 2020 Paulina Ruíz

Paulina is 22-years-old and stands 175cm tall and is a student of Political Science and Public Administration. She describes herself has responsible, committed, and dedicated towards anything she decides to do. She is very strong and optimistic towards winning the title and representing Mexico at Miss Universe 2020 competition. She wants to use the platform to spread the culture, colour, handicrafts, and biodiversity in Chiapas and spread the same of her state across the country. Paulina is considered as one of the strong contenders for the title even though she is new to pageantry because her dedication and zeal to win the title is very evident. She believes that she has all the skills and ability to win the title and represent Mexico at Miss Universe 2020.

Mexicana Universal Tamaulipas 2020 Claudia Patricia Morato

Patricia is 28-years-old and stands 172 cm tall and holds a degree in Nutrition with a master's degree in Clinical Nutrition. Being a nutritionist, she understands the importance of food in life of a human being and that is why, she is a keen advocate of a social project that focuses on supporting the poor people with their food. The diva along with her team reaches out to the poor people of her city and provide them with healthy food and wants to raise awareness about how much it is important for the people who have food to be respectful and blessed. The diva wants to advocate people about not wasting food because there is a section of people who have no food to eat.


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