Mexicana Universal 2019 Sofia Aragon and Lupita Jones speak on the controversy clouding Mexicana Universal

18 Nov 2020 | Ana Walia

The organization of Mexicana Universal will be hosting the grand coronation of Mexicana Universal 2020 on 29th November 2020 at Hotel Misión Grand Juriquilla Santiago de Querétaro where thirty-one contestants will compete for the national crown and earn the opportunity to represent Mexico at Miss Universe 2020 stage.

Recently, Mexicana Universal 2019 Sofia Aragon had announced that she will not crown her successor at the end of the event finale as she was not invited by the organization to attend any activities or the beauty competition. The announcement went viral and the pageant fanatics started to figure out reasons why Sofia was not invited to crown her successor.



Later, she went live on her social media account to reveal the reasons on why she was not invited. She mentioned, “When I started preparing for Mexicana Universal Lupita told me 'for you there is no money, there is no support, so do whatever you want'. I am the only queen in the history of the organization, call her Mexican Universal, or Nuestra Belleza, which is not given a single peso. I had to pay all my expenses: to support myself, my food, my gasoline, all the necessary expenses to live in Mexico City and to be able to continue with my preparation.”

Sofia further added, that even after being adjudged as the second-runner-up at Miss Universe 2019, Lupita Jones wanted to prevent her from signing a contract with TV Azteca. But when she finally accepted and became a host of the chain, the organizer removed her from her social networks, and did not call her again to participate in any other activity. She also added, “There is a person in the organization who was very close to me, my motivational and spiritual coach, and I spoke to him in tears saying, ‘I show you my fridge, empty; I’ll show you my bank account ‘, I had 100 pesos, and’ I don’t have enough to eat anymore.”

Sofia mentioned even though she suffers from endometriosis, a disease that occurs when the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus grows on the outside of it, the organization did not pay for doctor visits. The diva explained in her live that the message goes directly to Lupita, “thanks to you we are many things, because you give us a platform, you teach us many things, we grow and we have more security and more confidence. But you also must understand Lupita that you are and you have achieved what you have achieved thanks to all the queens that have passed through your organization. Thanks to all the dreams, to all the desire, at the time that we put it. Thanks to many women, not only those who win, but those who compete, those that are state, those that are national, those that are international, those that do not even pass. All of us are also making you who you are Lupita, all of us are filling you with possibilities. So, I ask you please to value and respect the effort of each of your queens, both the ones you love and value, and the ones you don’t. Because we have done as much for you as you have done for us.”



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Now, after hearing Sofia’s side, Lupita Jones; director of Mexicana Universal defended herself from all the accusations and stated that she assured that the one who had to pay the expenses of Sofía Aragón was TV Azteca, since this television station was the one that then broadcast the beauty contest, and by contract, they had to assume those costs. She was direct in saying, “The only thing I could get is that they paid for the ticket to go to Miss Universe.”

Lupita further added, “First of all, try to get her out of her depressions, her traumas, her insecurities. The organization, well not the organization, Lupita Jones, because it was my money, because as I told you about the situation with Azteca, the contract was not fully fulfilled. So, from my personal purse, without receiving a single income, putting my son's and my assets at risk, I invested in Sofia to be able to operate on her nose, to fix her teeth, for liposuction, for the trip to New York. All this financed by me. Obviously knocking on doors, trying to get someone to help us.”

The director of Mexicana Universal mentioned that no body was ready to help them financially. In her video, Sofia accused Jones of having used the money from a trust that she was personally given to pay for a trip to New York. But the director replied by stating that she "is not a thief", and that she had the right to recover the money she had invested in Sofía Aragón and that had come out of her own pocket. She also mentioned that Mexicana Universal 2019 Sofía Aragón was able to publish her book thanks to her, and helped her give Ted Talk lectures.  

Talking about the accusation that Lupita stopped following her on social media, she mentioned, “Well, I did stop following her. Why? Because I do not need to be following a person who I know how he is, so false, so ungrateful, so expensive, everything he has shown he is. Because no matter how much she sells herself now as the great-goddess, I know where she comes from, I know whose foot she limps from.” The founder lastly added that she will not be attending the coronation ceremony due to the conflict between television station and she made sure to remind that Sofia had said that she no longer wants to be related to the competition.

“She is very indignant, and very hurt, and very angry that she is not coming to deliver her crown. A few months ago, she told a person very close to her 'I no longer want my image to be related to beauty pageants'. And I said 'how, and where did it come from?'; How did you get where you are? If she paid to be uploaded to a catwalk. And because of the closeness he has with that person, I'm sure he did. Gentlemen fans who defend her so much, the lady is worth a damn beauty pageant. All you want is to come and take this last chance on my platform to come stand like a great queen and get the spotlight and the applause, and I'm sorry, but I'm not giving it to you,” she added before ending her live.