Sofía Aragón celebrates her crown anniversary as Mexicana Universal 2019

24 Jun 2020 | Ana Walia

Sofía Aragón is a Mexican TV Host, model, author, and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Mexicana Universal 2019 and represented Mexico at Miss Universe 2019 on 8th December 2019 at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. She was placed as the second runner up at the end of the event finale.

Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Aragón later lived in the city of Zapopan, located within the Guadalajara metropolitan area. She began her modeling career in 2009, but later left modeling in order to prioritize her studies. She studied visual culture and marketing at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara then studied theatrical makeup at the Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles, and remained in California working as a special effect’s makeup artist until 2017. In 2015, the diva launched her cosmetics company ‘Soswai Makeup’. The products were totally natural and organic as per client preferences. The event was initiated with an objective of accentuating the best of Mexican talent and product, merging the fashion arena, art, makeup, and styling.



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For a brief time in her life, the queen struggled with depression and had tried to commit suicide. After some help, she got better and since then the diva dedicated her life in raising awareness regarding mental health illness as she feels that with her life story she can reach out to other people and help them to heal. She is working with the organization Sonrisas Reales as a public speaker and writer. Sofia started writing professionally at the age of 14 and has published books which are based on women empowerment; Diamante en Bruto (2017) and El color de lo Invisible (2019). The successful diva also founded her own publishing company named, ‘GLAMexico’.

Sofia entered the pageantry as she felt like beauty pageants are a great platform to advocate about mental health awareness and women empowerment. She represented Jalisco at Miss Mexico 2017 and was placed as the second runner-up. She later competed for the title of Mexicana Universal Jalisco aiming to represent her state at Mexicana Universal 2019. She was designated as the representative of Jalisco at the competition after Dorothy Sutherland was dethroned for not being able to fulfill her duties. She competed at Mexicana Universal 2019 on 23rd June 2019 and was crowned as the winner of the title as well as became an official representative of Mexico at Miss Universe 2019 competition. She was placed as the second runner-up at Miss Universe 2019 competition making everyone’s head turn with her beautiful red evening gown and her walk.



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When she was asked about her participation at Mexicana Universal 2019, Sofia mentioned, “I think that this type of contest is a great window of opportunity. Before, impressive, and spectacular women were educated, so that their strength was in their physical beauty. Although it is still a beauty pageant, I do believe that a woman is being sought who carries a message, who wants to inspire others with a well-developed social project and train women who are clear about their goals.” She expressed her excitement and how blessed she feels about Lupita Jones being affectionate and warm towards everyone.

During the final question and answer round at Miss Universe 2019, she was asked about the protests registered in Latin America and all over the world. The Mexican beauty said that although she believes in protesting and raising voice, she is not in favor of violence. She also sent out a message to all the girls out there, “it is very important to teach little girls the importance of their value, we see a lot of perfection on social media, perfect lives, perfect bodies, perfect faces, perfect relationships, nothing is real. We should teach them they are wonderful and that they are worthy because of who they are. It’s not about how they look but how they react before the world. I think a girl is worthy because of what she has to offer to the world, not because of the way they look.”



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Sofia is passionate about the importance of mental and emotional health, and will continue to fight for those who suffer from depression. She believes that compassion and understanding are the true key to empowering people around the world. She wants to continue raising her voice and keep communicating the message of self-love and value. Sofia also believes that beauty pageants are changing and it is not only looking for beautiful and perfect women but for someone who is a leader, ‘the most important is to look for progress and not perfection.’

Sofia took to her social media account to celebrate her one-year crown anniversary as Mexicana Universal 2019. She stated, “The night it was found that absolutely NO is NOT permanent. Today marks 1 year of this great experience, where I became Mexico before the universe, the night that started the greatest adventure and learning I have ever had, alongside an extraordinary team led by Lupita Jones with whom I will always be grateful.” Sofia also thanked everyone who had been a part of her journey and helped her to be a better queen.

Congratulations to the queen!