Carolina Lucero appointed Mexicana Universal Ciudad de Mexico 2019 for Mexicana Universal 2020

29 Apr 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Mexicana Universal 2020 will be the 3rd edition of the Mexicana Universal pageant. Thirty-two candidates from all over the Mexican Republic will compete for the national title. Sofía Aragón of Jalisco will crown her successor at end of the event. The winner will represent Mexico at Miss Universe 2020.

Carolina Lucero Castillo was appointed Mexicana Universal Ciudad de Mexico 2019 few days ago and will be representing the city of Ciudad de Mexico at Mexicana Universal 2020. Ciudad de Mexico already has Brenda Smith Lezama representing the city at Mexicana Universal 2020 but Ciudad de Mexico and Sonora will both be sending two representatives for the competition.

Hailing from Mexico City, Carolina is 25-years-old and stands 178 cm tall. She is in her 9th trimester of the degree in Social Psychology. The diva is also a volunteer at Route 69 which is social program that provides contraceptive counselling and placement through a mobile unitthat travels to various locations in Mexico City.



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Carolina expressed her happiness and excitement for being appointed as the official Mexicana Universal Ciudad de Mexico 2019. She stated that with the arrival of the news, she believes that when there is persistence, faith and dedication, everything can be achieved. She strongly feels that she has the skills and abilities to represent the Mexico at Miss Universe 2020 and she will work hard to ace the skills she feels are needed for the competition.

Carolina stands by the thought that states that every great achievement or growth brings new responsibilities and one should grab onto the opportunities they receive. She thanked her family and friends for being supportive and motivating her everyday to be her best and by winning the title she wants to make her family and the people of Ciudad de Mexico proud. Carolina stated that she is very excited to share the stage with Brenda Smith who is also representing Ciudad de Mexico at Mexicana Universal 2020.



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Carolina has started preparing for the finale night where she will represent Ciudad de México at Mexicana Universal 2020 competition and if she wins, she will represent México at Miss Universe 2020. She has been training every day, working on her personal growth and building up herself for the day when she gets to represent her culture, tradition, and values to everyone.

The diva might be new to the pageantry but her strong mindset and experience with the designers and brands in Mexico has helped her be confident and strong throughout. She is very confident and determined to win the title and represent Mexico at Miss Universe 2020.