Camila Canto crowned Mexicana Universal Puebla 2019 for Mexicana Universal 2020

25 Jan 2020 | Abigail Henry

Camila Canto was crowned Mexicana Universal Puebla 2019 on 23rd January 2020 as she will represent the state at Mexicana Universal 2020. The diva is 19 years of age and stands a whopping height of 174 cm. The diva who is originated from Puebla, performed with grace and eloquence as she gave her best at the stage of the regional pageant.


Camila Canto winner Mexicana Universal Puebla 2019


The diva also expressed her feelings through media while she quoted, “I am very happy and grateful for this new stage that begins in my life. It won't be easy, but I'm sure it will be worth it. The shoes left by my beautiful reginaperedog are huge. But I know that with effort, perseverance, love and passion, I will not disappoint the reign so great that it leaves, I will not disappoint you and I will not disappoint me. Thanks to my family, for always supporting me in all my dreams and never leaving me alone. Thank you very much to jormacedav and clomavc for trusting me, in the short time I have known them, I dare to say that they are wonderful people in all aspects and I know that together we will achieve many things. Thanks to lupjones for creating this incredible platform that helps us grow as people and show that beauty is not only physical, it is integral. Thanks bribataz for teaching me that I can always give more, for teaching me not to conform and to always give my best. Thanks to all my beautiful companions, for allowing me to meet them and open the doors of their heart. You don't need a crown to be queen and all of you are. Giomerlo, laddguee , ale.juarico,  fer.flo.model e_ruanova Thank you ale.juarico because together we reach the end of this beautiful experience, this crown is both. Thank you sergiovilchismaquillador for always leaving me so pretty, for trusting me and getting up when I felt I could not anymore. Thank you luishuesca for always teaching me that perseverance and discipline are the way to success. Thanks to everyone, this is only the beginning of a great adventure, this reign is not only mine, it belongs to all of you.”

The diva performed very well in the regional competition as she her pursuance was filled with grace and eloquence and she confidently walked through the stage, like a dazzling beauty. The diva surely proved her worth in the finale. Her stellar performance left everyone at awe as she carried herself in such a way that it was outstanding.

The diva will definitely be a strong contender as she is amazingly beautiful and her features are like just perfect. Her eloquence and prudence will be a great characteristic which will definitely give her points in the national competition. The diva is a model and her looks are splendid. The diva is very photogenic and her amazingly beautiful eyes are very captivating. She will definitely be a strong contender.


Camila Canto crowned Mexicana Universal Puebla 2019 for Mexicana Universal 2020


Mexicana Universal 2020 will be the 3rd edition of the Mexicana Universal pageant. Thirty-two candidates from all over the Mexican Republic compete for the national title. Sofía Aragón of Jalisco will crown her successor at end of the event. the winner will represent Mexico at Miss Universe 2020 pageant.

Congratulations to the diva!