Tessa Le Conge takes over as the new President of Miss Beauty of Netherlands

26 Aug 2021 | Camilla Suarez

After being the President of Miss Beauty of the Netherlands for 12 years, Milou Verhoeks is all set to pass the baton to Tessa Le Conge from 29th August. The organization took to their social media to share, “In 12 years, Miss Beauty of the Netherlands has grown from an election with a final in a small room to a huge team and a beautiful show in Studio 21, and we are proud of that!” The organization is excited to have Tessa on board to take forward Milou’s legacy.

Passing on her position, Milou took to her social media as she wrote, “Time for a change! After 12 years I will hand over the baton as President of Miss Beauty of the Netherlands on Saturday. In 2009 I organized my first election as a 22-year-old young entrepreneur. My first real venture, go to the Chamber of Commerce and go! With 69 registrations and a show in a small hall, there was a 1st show. Now, twelve years later, there is a wonderful team of 30 people, there are more than 4000 registrations every year, elections per province every year and as icing on the cake the beautiful gala in Studio 21 on Saturday. With my team we have won 3 international elections, 4 runner ups titles have been achieved and many subtitles. We were able to really put a small country like the Netherlands on the international map.”



“Organizing these elections for twelve years is not a personal achievement. It's a team effort. Without all my dear family, friends, employees, sponsors I would never have succeeded. Teamwork makes the dream work! Very, very, very many thanks! I confidently hand over the baton to Tessa Le Conge. She has also participated in beauty pageants herself and with an international title she knows the world of mass like no other,” she added.

Sharing her take over, Tessa also took to her social media to share, “Once in a while an opportunity comes along that you can't pass up. From August 29, 2021, Milou Verhoeks will say goodbye as President of Miss Beauty of the Netherlands, and I will take over from her with great love.”

“Knew about an election in a small room. Miss Beauty of the Netherlands to be transformed into what it is today: the largest and nicest beauty pageant in the Netherlands. With a top team of more than 30 people who work very hard every year to make it a success, both provincially and nationally. Dear, dear Milou, in my eyes (and in those of many others) you will always be Miss Beauty and I think everyone in the election world has nothing but respect for you! But a little more rest is also allowed after 12 years, and I will therefore take over from you with a lot of love and energy. Plus: I'll make sure the popcorn is always ready when you come by,” she added.



She also mentioned, “May the level and fun of Miss Beauty remain, and that we can bring thousands of girls more what you have brought them over the past 12 years: self-confidence, growth, love for themselves, new opportunities and lots of new friends. Because that's what it's all about it eventually.”

Miss Asia Pacific International 2016 & Miss Earth Netherlands 2020 Tessa le Conge is 26 years-old and earned her Bachelor of Science in Communications degree. She now works as a Communication advisor. Besides that she’s a professional trampoline gymnast. She has been one of the strongest, most talented and extremely hard-working divas who with their efforts and sheer determination have been able to make their country proud.