Filipino-Belgium beauty Angeline Flor Pua shocked over racist reactions post her win

19 Jan 2018 | Srishti Jain

Miss Belgium 2018 Angeline Flor Pua was on cloud nine when she was crowned with the coveted title last Saturday. And why not, she has given her sweat and blood to achieve what she has today. So, when just after her win, prejudiced comments started pouring in for this Filipino-Belgium beauty, Angeline was nothing less than shocked.

This 22-year-old beauty has Filipino roots and she is from Borgerhout. "This causes a lot of pain to read. I was born in Wilrijk and grew up in Antwerp. I have never received racist comments. It hurts me enormously. Why do we have to judge people on the basis of their appearance?” said the queen while talking to host of local radio station, MNM.



Her half sister Kim Trappeniers also shared what Angeline has gone through to reach this far in her journey, "You do not want to know how much she has sacrificed to stand here. In order to pay for her studies, she combined seven jobs in the past years. From working in the decathlon and catering jobs to an administrative job in the airport, you name it. She absolutely wanted to be a pilot and since we are not really a rich family, a loan was indispensable. Thanks to her efforts, she managed that for herself. The bank lent her 100,000 Euros to bring her studies to a successful conclusion."

And she has almost succeeded. Angeline is in her final year of 'Pilot in civil aviation'. Although her new title may change that, "I'm going to try to combine my studies with this title. But if it is not possible, then I will explain everyone because I really want to be a good ambassador for my country. I want to do everything I can to represent Belgium.”

This queen is a treasure of talent. She is multilingual, fluent in Dutch, French, English and Filipino. This Belgium queen does not shy away from her background. She comes from a modest family and lives in a terraced house in the heart of Borgerhout. In her neighbourhood, mainly people consider that the place has very less opportunities, Angeline never thought so. She proved everyone wrong with the go-getter attitude and became a pilot along with winning the coveted title of Miss Belgium 2018.