Miss Colombia 2014 Winners of Special Awards

18 Nov 2014 | Angelopedia

Miss Colombia 2014 (Concurso Nacional de Belleza de Colombia 2014) pageant organised a special awards contest during the preliminary activities, which saw twenty-six stunning ladies of Miss Colombia 2014 being awarded in varying categories. The contestants were awarded on the basis of their figure, national costume, face, elegance, punctuality, photogenic qualities and much more.

Given below are the various title categories and their respective winners:

Miss Colombia 2014 Special Awards


Best Regional Costume (Mejor Traje Artesanal) - Alejandra Camacho Piñeres

Miss Photogenic (Señorita Fotogenica) - Daniela Andrea Castañeda Pardo

Best Face (Rostro Jolie) - Ariadna María Gutiérrez Arévalo

Best Body (Figura Bodytech)  - Viviana Alexandra Dávila Giraldo

Queen of the Police (Reina de la Policía)- Ariadna María Gutiérrez Arévalo

Miss Elegance (Señorita Elegancia Primatela) - Ariadna María Gutiérrez Arévalo

Zapatilla Real - Mayra Alejandra De León Charris

Miss Punctuality (Miss Puntualidad) - Laura María Saavedra Gómez