María Fernanda Aristizábal Urrea to reign as Miss Colombia for coming year

17 Nov 2020 | Angelique Reyes

María Fernanda Aristizábal Urrea was crowned Miss Colombia 2019 on 11th November 2020 and will be representing Colombia at Miss International 2020 stage. According to reports the National Beauty Contest recently announced that the diva would remain the queen of Colombia for one more year.

The organization had stated in their statement that by decision of the board of directors, this 2020 the beauty contest is not held, which traditionally chooses the Lordship Colombia on the festive bridge in which Cartagena celebrates its independence. " Miss Colombia 2020 María Fernanda Aristizábal Urrea will continue to represent the beauty of our country until next year, where a new national sovereign will be elected," the CNB added. The cancellation of the pageant is due to the covid19 scare in the world.



The diva will continue to develop its activities, framed in the social commitment of the organization it represents, complying with all the biosafety protocols that its participation in each one requires, being guarantors of the new challenges, that humanity faces in its reactivation process. She took to her social media to share the news as well, she stated, “Today, a year ago they called me Colombia, because with pride, I will continue to visit each part of its territory, making the social mission the greatest tribute. A year ago, I understood that the beauty of this country is found in every smile, every dream, every effort to be a better Colombia. Next November in Cartagena I will have the joy of sharing my joy with a woman who, like me, will experience the greatness of carrying on her chest the name of a place that is written forever in her soul.”




On the other hand, the National Beauty Contest explains that Cartagena is still its official headquarters, this in reference to Miss Universe Colombia. Laura Olascuaga was crowned as Miss Universe Colombia 2020 today and will be representing the country at Miss Universe 2020 stage. Since May 2020 it has been known that Natalie Ackermann is the new owner of the Miss Universe Colombia franchise, from now on, will take the most beautiful woman in the country to the global contest.