Miss Earth 2021 Top 4 Q/A round

21 Nov 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The Miss Earth organization hosted the 21st edition of the international pageant on 21st November 2021 where stunning delegates from all over the world competed to become the Earth Ambassador for the year 2021. At the end of the event, Destiny Wagner of Belize was crowned as Miss Earth 2021 as she bested 89 delegates for the coveted crown.

Before the winner was crowned, the Top 4 delegates; Destiny Wagner, Romina Denecken, Marisa Butler and Baitong Jareerat Petson, were put through a grilling question and answer round, which was a chance for them to impress the judges.

Each of them had only 30 seconds to give an eloquent response. Let's look at the final question posed to the Top 4 finalists for the title of Miss Earth 2021, as well as their exceptionally well-defined responses.

The question posed to the final four was, “How far can technology go to help save the environmental situation we are in?”

First up was Destiny of Belize, who beautifully answered,” I am so thankful to live in a digital age right now, because of technology we are able to spread awareness of things that are happening. Not only in my country but in other countries as well. However, technology can also be used to save our environment because by incorporating innovation and technology as well as sustainability, we can use those two things to come together. I am so thankful to be a woman now in 2021 and being able to have access to these things, such as solar energy and renewable energy. When mixing them together, there’s nothing we cannot do. So, I am thankful to be in a digital age of technology and it’ll be used to save the planet. Thankyou.”


Miss Earth 2021 Top 4 Q/A round


Next up was USA’s Marisa Butler who confidently answered,” Oh I think that technology can definitely aid in our fight against climate change. One of the biggest things these days that helps is to bring everyone together from across the world to share ideas. I think that’s a perfect starting point for us to make any real change. But I also know that just talking about it isn’t the end of it all. We need to use the opportunities that technology has given us and bring that as real action is the only thing that’s going to help us save mother earth.”

Thailand’ Baitong Jareerat Petson was the third finalist to face the same question. She eloquently answered,” We have to accept that technology in the present can go very far and beyond what we can expect. But the sadness is that technology has only served humans and not for saving environment. And now we have the AI and I think because advance in the technology in the future, its going to help save our world and not only the human.”

The last contestant who faced the question was Romina Denecken of Chile. Romina answered,” I think that technology per say is a huge tool that we can use in order to prevent issues and solve them as well. When it comes to our technology, we have done so many things so far to actually help out the environment. But we can also do way more, there’s so many scientists out there, there’s so many people that are being educated in order to passionately help out. I think technology if used well and used intelligently, it can go so many ways and so many possibilities to help our environment. Thankyou.”