Miss Earth 2022 Mina Sue Choi clarifies the 'crown in paper bag' situation as she arrived in South Korea

06 Dec 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Earth 2022 Mina Sue Choi arrived in South Korea on 5th December 2022 after winning the first ever Miss Earth crown for her country. However, Mina received criticism for carrying her crown in a paper bag as she arrived home.

In her arrival video, which was posted on social media, the pageant fanatics saw her carrying the precious crown in a bag and criticized her including the Miss Earth organization for not giving her a proper box.


Miss Earth 2022 Mina Sue Choi


Mina went to online to publicly address the situation as she clarified the crown was only a replica that she received before leaving the Philippines. She was worried she might drop it and therefore she decided to place it in a paper bag along with fabric to protect it.

As it is also known, the original Miss Earth crown which is made of precious gems signifying the Earth's resources stays with the organization and the winner travels with a replica. The new Miss Earth also assured the fans she will search for a box where she can put the crown to take care of it.