Xamiera Kippins crowned Miss Earth Guyana 2018

25 Jun 2018 | Irina Silva

Miss Earth Guyana 2018 is the third edition of the Miss Earth Guyana pageant that started in 2010. The pageant concluded with a grand gala and the crowning of Xamiera Kippins as the new Miss Earth Guyana 2018.

The pageant only had 9 candidates contesting the prestigious right to represent Guyana at the Miss Earth 2018 pageant.

The official Facebook page of the Miss Earth Guyana organization released the details of the ceremony and the winner tally in a press release.

Press Release


Xamiera Kippins crowned Miss Earth Guyana 2018



Guyana Premier is elated that the new Miss Earth Guyana and her court have been crowned. In an evening of glamour, class and suspense six young women took to the stage of the National Cultural Centre as the Miss Earth Pageant marked its return to Guyana.

The evening began with a rousing cultural presentation followed by the introduction of the host, Joel Ghansham. In spectacular display, the six beauties introduced themselves right after kicking off a night of intense competition; Swimwear, Evening Gown and the Hashtag Topic. Following the tallying of scores, the top 4 were announced. These were Anita Baker, Luann Pellew, Akisha Payne and Xameira Kippins. The top 4 were required to answer a final question which was pulled directly from Miss Earth 2001, "Technology makes life very convenient but it is also being blamed for certain environmental problems. How do you propose to find a balance between technology and Earth preservation?"

Intelligently, each girl answered and was then required to display her final look to the judges. In the end, Anita Baker was crowned Miss Earth Guyana – Fire 2018, Akisha Payne , Miss Earth Guyana – Water 2018, Luann OnikaRay Pellew , Miss Earth Guyana – Air 2018 and Xamiera Kippins , Miss Earth Guyana 2018.


Xamiera Kippins crowned Miss Earth Guyana 2018

(Photo Credits: Miss Earth Guyana Facebook Official)

See complete results below:

Beauties For A Cause:

• Anita Baker

• Xamiera Kippins


• Bronze: Oriana Castello

• Silver: Akisha Payne

• Gold: Xamiera Kippins


• Bronze: Xamiera Kippins

• Silver: Gabriella Chapman

• Gold: Luann Pellew

Evening Gown:

• Bronze: Akisha Payne

• Silver: Luann Pellew

• Gold: Xamiera Kippins

People’s Choice:

• Akisha Payne


• Bronze: Luann Pellew

• Silver: Akisha Payne

• Gold: Xamiera Kippins


• Bronze: Gabriella Chapman

• Silver: Akisha Payne

• Gold: Xamiera Kippins

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Congratulations to Miss Earth Guyana 2018 and her court as well as all the other contestants.