Rashi Yadav finally breaks her silence on Miss Earth India 2016 Fiasco

07 Oct 2016 | Angelopedia

Everybody is talking about the Miss Earth India 2016 debacle and how the contestants reacted to the abrupt decision of the Organisation of crowning Rashi Yadav as the winner. A lot has been said about the pageant, the organisation and the winner but one name kept coming up during this entire hullaballoo – Rashi Yadav.


Rashi Yadav finally breaks her silence on Miss Earth India 2016 Fiasco


The world witnessed the contestants’ side of the story and also the organizers’ side of the story, but the one side everybody has been waiting to hear of was of Rashi Yadav.  In an interview with the leading Indian media, Indiatimes,  Rashi Yadav spoke up about the entire matter. Here is what she said,

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 "It has been tough time for me dealing with all this as you are already aware. Though I believe there isn't anything to explain. Me going out and speaking would have created more mess rather than resolving the issue. Every girl is giving her own account of the incident. I'll explain my side of the story as well. We had grooming and training session on the 1st and the 2nd of Oct 2016, we also had pre-judging and interview round during the course of these two days. On 3rd of Oct the show started as per schedule, we were being observed and noted since the beginning of training and grooming session and points were being given accordingly, as per the MEI team.

Show started with the ethnic ramp walk round followed by second round for ethnic wear again. Then we were informed that due to some legal issues the show had to be stopped in between. Afterwards all the contestants were called on the stage and explained that the show had to be stopped and since we (MEI Team) had to send an entry from India for ME 2016, so based on the aggregated points allocated by the judges present, pre-judging round, and our observation, we declared Rashi Yadav as our official entry from India to ME 2016. A lady came on the stage with crown and suddenly some of the people from audience started shouting and even came on the stage to protest against the pre-conclusion of the event. The organisers then called off their decision to control the situation, as mentioned on Facebook by MEI team."

Rashi also talked about the fellow contestants and shared, “Though I think it's justified on the part of fellow contestants to express their anguish and disappointment but it was disappointing to see some of the fellow contestants using foul language and expressions to vent out their anger. I believe I had no role to play in whatever happened. This situation that I have faced is beyond words and explanation. I am a lady of honour and I have never been subjected to such treatment by anyone. The matter should have been taken up through the right channel in a proper way rather than shouting and mud-slinging."

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Finally Rashi Yadav has spoken about the much talked about crowning fiasco of Miss Earth India 2016. Will we get to see her at the Miss Earth 2016 pageant? Let’s wait and watch..!!