Jasmine Yeo Suk Peng appointed Miss Earth Malaysia 2018

01 Jun 2018 | Irina Silva

Recently Malaysia found its representative for Miss Earth 2018. Jasmine Yeo Suk Peng, Miss Earth Malaysia 2018, was appointed to represent Malaysia in Miss Earth 2018 to give way for a smooth transition from the old franchise holder to the current one, Manoy Handicraft.

Jasmine is Miss Earth Sarawak 2018-Air for state Division. She was chosen to represent Malaysia as only Sarawak has legit organized event for Miss Earth this year. Official press release will be given after June 10 when the new Franchise holder arrives from Manila.

Malaysia consists of the East and West. West Malaysia (Malay) and East Malaysia (Sarawak and Sabah). Sarawak is well known as the “Land of Hornbills.” In Order to save our culture, we must save pour environment for the benefit of future generations.


Jasmine Yeo Suk Peng appointed Miss Earth Malaysia 2018


To be a responsible citizen requires awareness and creating impact. I believe to love God is to protect his creation. Nurture our nature, serve and preserve Mother Earth.

To God be the glory...

- Jasmine Yeo Suk Peng

Miss Malaysia Earth 2018

Keep Earth Young

Miss Malaysia Earth is an annual national beauty pageant held in Malaysia to select representatives for the Miss Earth pageant. It is the only beauty pageant in Malaysia that has the focus on educating and empowering women and others about the knowledge of natural beauty, sustainability and eco-tourism. The pageant had been successfully conducted for 15 years in Malaysia and then 9 years in Ipoh as of last year.

The pageant has been served as a platform to educate the contestants about the environmental issues, promote eco-tourism and create a healthy aspect of the cordial relationship among the participants. The beauty pageant is organised by Star Avenue Production and supported by various sponsors. Star Avenue Production is also the National Director of the pageant.

Finalists from different parts of Malaysia commit themselves to all the events and tasks that take place during the pageant week. Several activities are held throughout this pageant week, including tree-planting events, eco-tourism visitation and promotion, visitation to the environmentally sustainable company, charities and workshops that promote environmental awareness. The finalists are also exposed to public relation exercises such as involving in preview shows and sponsoring visitations. They also get to perform their talent and parading on the stage with eco-friendly outfits created by them during a preview show held in Ipoh.