Mexico’s Natalia Duran embodies goddess Xochiquetzal in her national costume for Miss Earth 2021

20 Nov 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The Miss Earth organization is all set to host the 21st edition of the Miss Earth pageant on 21st November 2021, where Lindsey Marie Coffey of the United States will crown her successor at the end of the event.

This year, Miss Earth takes on the theme “Colors of the Earth” to reflect the vast and unique biodiversity of the world. Keeping with the theme, the costume of Miss Earth Mexico 2021 is inspired by goddess Xochiquetzal, the goddess of fertility, nature and beauty, to give rise to a mosaic of colors that make Mexico an earthly paradise.

Natalia Duran looks absolutely ravishing in her spectacular National Costume for Miss Earth 2021. The costume is designed by Neftalí Jaziel Espinoza, a Nicaraguan national and fantasy costume designer.



“It was divine the moment when the seed germinated in the womb of my mother country to give rise to a mosaic of colors that make Mexico an earthly paradise, I am the perfect mix between fantasy and reality, in my indigenous body I have beauty and the ancestral purity of my fierce people that make me a work of art in motion, I emerge from the bowels of America like an imposing rose quartz, I am the woman who does not stay at the foot of the mountain but I reach the top with all my splendor,” the queen explained the meaning behind her pink ensemble.

The 22-year-old is a public accountant and a certified catwalk teacher and image consultant. Coming from an enterprising and very united family, her greatest pride is her parents who with a lot of effort, dedication and love have made her the great woman that she is. She stands 170 cm tall and her greatest virtue is her bravery.



She will now showcase her dress at the virtual gala, this coming Sunday, the authorities have decided not to hold a live coronation this year due to safety concerns amidst the pandemic. Nonetheless, Miss Earth fans can still look forward to a spectacular virtual production exhibiting the country’s stunning tourism spots and, of course, the beauty of an Earth Ambassador.