Supriya Shrestha crowned Miss Earth Nepal 2020

05 Dec 2020 | Ana Walia

The organization of Hidden Treasure Nepal hosted the coronation ceremony for Miss Nepal 2020 at Park Village Resort a few hours ago where Supriya Shrestha was crowned Miss Earth Nepal 2020. The ceremony was broadcasted on live on Kantipur TV and Onlinekhabar.com. She has succeeded Miss Earth Nepal 2019 Riya Basnet for the title

Supriya is 22-years-old and stands 170 cm tall who aspires to become an atmospheric scientist and will be representing Nepal at Miss Earth 2021 edition. She is an environmental engineer from Kathmandu University School of Medical Science and would describe herself as out-going, reliable, and studios. She is passionate about representing Nepal at international stage and feels immensely proud that she the organization believed in her for the title.

Along with winning the title, she wants to work for making a groundbreakingly research for the society and wishes to help the environment as much as she can. She explained that she felt like due to the pandemic, everything would come at halt but she realised that everything happens for a reason.


Supriya Shrestha crowned Miss Earth Nepal 2020

(Photo Credit: Miss Nepal The Hidden Treasure Facebook Official)

During the competition, she was asked, ‘What does it mean to be a Nepali for you?’, to which she gracefully answered, “For me being a Nepali is holding pride to be the daughter of this country. I am proud of all the Himalayas and the Tarai Pahar and Nepal. I love my people who offer anything but love, we are the ones who ensure hospitality no matter who comes to our doorstep and we give you experience that will only come again and again. We are the leaders, we are the Gurkhas and I’m proud and shining to be a Nepali, a contestant of the most auspicious crown; Miss Nepal 2020.” She was confident, clear, and precise with her answer that showcased how proud she is to be a Nepali.

Along with Supriya Shrestha being crowned Miss Earth Nepal 2020, Sandhya Sharma was crowned Miss International Nepal 2020 while Shimal Kanaujiya was crowned Miss Supranational Nepal 2020, and Namrata Shrestha was crowned Miss World Nepal 2020, as the winners will represent Nepal at the next edition of Miss International, Miss Supranational and Miss World respectively.

Supriya is strong, confident, and dedicated towards helping the environment and making a change in the society which is why she seems like an ideal candidate and that’s why she has been honoured with the title. She thanked everyone for the support and motivation throughout the journey.