Miss Earth Northern Ireland 2018 Contestants reveal their advocacies

02 Jul 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Earth Northern Ireland 2018 contestants have been announced a few months back, and it has come time for the preliminary activities of the pageant to start. The contestants have been putting their best foot forward, and the competition will be getting crucial by the minute.

The finale event will take place at the Richmond Centre on 28th July 2018 in Derry/ Londonderry at the Waterside Theatre in aid of The Playtrail.

On 28th May 2017 at the same location, Maire Lynch was crowned Miss Earth Nothern Ireland 2017. At the same pageant, Grainne was crowned as Miss Earth Northern Ireland Air, Nadia Sayers was crowned as Miss Earth Northern Ireland Water and Arlene Trainor was crowned as Miss Earth Northern Ireland Fire. The event was full of entertainment and glamour. The ladies dazzled on the stage wearing amazing gowns and mesmerized everyone. The contestants went through two important rounds - swimwear and evening gown round.


Miss Northern Ireland 2018 Contestants reveal their advocacies

(Photo Credits: Miss Earth Northern Ireland Facebook Official)

Recently the contestants of the Miss Northern Ireland 2018 competition revealed what their Eco Advocacies are, and what they will be fighting for as contestants and as the Earth queen when they get crowned at the finale.


My Advocacy focuses on Climate Change. ‘Go green, stay clean and let’s show pollution what we mean!’


My advocacy focuses on Cruelty Free Beauty. ‘true Beauty is cruelty free.’


My advocacy focuses on Marine Conservation. ‘It is our duty to save our enviornment’s beauty so don’t be mean and keep our beaches clean.’


My advocacy focuses on Marine Conservation. ‘A sea full of plastic or a plastic free sea?’

Jessica B

My advocacy focuses on Climate Change. ‘Speak for the ones without a voice! Save the Polar and go Solar.’


My advocacy focuses on Animal Resue and Puppy Farming. ‘End cruelty, stop puppy farming.’


My advocacy focuses Marine Conservation. ‘Letsbe fantastic and free our marine life from plastic.’


My advocacy focuses Marine Conmservation. ‘We need more devotion to save the ocean!’


My advocacy focuses Climate Change. ‘Why watch ourselves melt away? Let’s inspire power to create a better day.’

Jessica D

My advocacy focuses Animal Cruelty. ‘Be the voice they wish they had, make the choice they wish they could!’


My advocacy focuses Organic Farming. ‘There is no harm in organic farming.’


My advocacy focuses on Recycling. ‘ Save paper, save trees, save the planet- recycle today for a better tomorrow.’