Cloë Bienvenu appointed Miss Earth Réunion Island 2020

03 Oct 2020 | Ana Walia

Cloe¨ Bienvenu was appointed as the new Miss Earth Réunion Island 2020 on 2nd October 2020 and will be representing Réunion Island at the virtual coronation ceremony of Miss Earth 2020 which is scheduled to be held on 29th November 2020.  She succeeds Miss Earth Réunion Island 2019 Anaïs Payet for the title.

Cloe¨ is 21-years-old and is very excited to represent Réunion Island at Miss Earth 2020 stage and feels that she will be able to perform her best at the competition and make the people of her country proud. Cloe¨ believes in dreaming and working towards that dream and has mentioned, “Without a dream, it is impossible to find happiness.”



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The diva is new to pageantry but has shown immense dedication towards the competition and feels that she will be able to use her skills and abilities to perform her best. She is also excited to meet the delegates of other countries even if it is through a screen as she feels that she can learn a lot from every one of them. She is positive, hopeful, and humble towards everyone.

Cloe¨ is very fond of nature and spends her free time in nature with her family or friends and usually shares beautiful pictures of the places she visits on her social media. She believes in, “The success of most of our successes very often depends on the will we put into it.” She is confident, passionate, and very grateful for the organization of Miss Earth Réunion Island for believing in her and trusting her with the title especially during such tough times. She believes in working hard at every step of the life and has already started to prepare herself for the pageant. Cloe¨ would use the platform to carry her environmental advocacy forward.



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The diva shared her official portrait shot on her social media and stated that she is all set for a new adventure of her life. She believes that Miss Earth competition serves as a platform for the divas who genuinely wishes to work for the betterment of the environment and she is very glad to be a part of such a prestigious stage.