Josephine Mutesi takes up a social cause

08 Sep 2017 | Angelopedia

Nabriye Josephine Mutesi, who was crowned Miss Earth Uganda 2017, has begun to support various social causes lately. One of the most important causes that she has been trying to associate herself with is of planting more trees in order to save the environment.

The 23-year-old beauty queen, Josephine was recently spotted at the Rotaract Earth Initiative Press Conference to Endorse the Gulu Edition. The target of this edition is to plant over 10,000 different tree species in the northern region of Uganda. Josephine, an aspiring Pharmacist from Kampala, will be seen participating along with various other common people in the campaign for planting more trees in support to her environmental advocacies.

Josephine Mutesi, who is going to compete in the Miss Earth 2017 pageant in Philippines on 4th November 2017, has been raising her voice to encourage people to take a stand against environment issues for making Earth a better place to live upon. She has been involved in diverse environmental activities and is seen inspiring others on social media platforms, to plant more trees by explaining them the importance of protecting nature.


Josephine Mutesi takes up a social cause


She also posted a picture on Facebook with the caption saying, “Trees do not only add beauty to your home but they also provide shade, give fruits and fresh air. Plant a boundary tree fence at your home, work place and get a healthy life”.

This beauty is indeed working towards spreading environmental awareness for the betterment of our planet.

Keep up the good work Josephine!