Corrin Stellakis gracefully overcomes OOPS moment at Miss Earth US 2016 Finale

03 Aug 2016 | Angelopedia

US is celebrating the crowning of its 2016 Earth Warrior Corrin Stellakis, as the beauty queen was crowned Miss Earth United States 2016 and will now represent the country at the Miss Earth 2016 contest. Corrin, who is beaming with joy after the crowning, had to face a little oops moment during the finale. But, it was amazing how the lady overcame the moment with grace and poise.

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Corrin Stellakis gracefully overcomes OOPS moment at Miss Earth US 2016 Finale

Corrin Stellakis Miss Earth US 2016


As the finale of Miss Earth United States 2016 reached its concluding moments with the announcement of the winner, Corrin went through a slight wardrobe malfunction. The clasp of the evening gown that Corrin donned during the crowning ceremony snapped open from the back, but Corrin elegantly wore a smile as she let the outgoing queen Brittany Payne help her put on the clasp. But, unfortunately the clasp clicked open once again as Corrin walked the stage as the new Miss Earth US. However, the newly crowned beauty queen gracefully finished her walk.

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If wardrobe malfunction was not enough, Corrin also faced a hard time wearing the crown. Apparently the crown was too huge and kept slipping of her head. The lady kept that beautiful smile nonetheless, which covered up for all the things that were going wrong. And the smile took the focus away from all the mishap. Watch how the newly crowned Miss Earth US 2016 enjoyed her winning moment, bravely ignoring the wardrobe malfunction... 



18 years old Corrin Stellakis is studying Communication Social Interaction and Psychology from State University of New York Oswego. She wants to speak to the country’s youth and encourage them to dream, believe in their dream and to forward their effort to achieve their goals. What do you have to say about the incident?

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