Miss Earth Fire Venezuela 2019 Stephany Zreik rising as a front-runner for Miss Earth Venezuela 2020

25 Aug 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Miss Earth Venezuela will be crowning their official representative for Miss Earth 2020 on 27th August 2020 without holding a national edition due to the ongoing coronavirus scare around the world. The winner will succeed Miss Earth Venezuela 2019 Michell Roxana Castellanos and the ceremony will be broadcasted on Globovision screens starting at 8:30 pm.

The president of Miss Earth Venezuela Julio Ce´sar Cruz, Miss Earth Venezuela 2019 Michell Roxana Castellanos, and Melisa Rauseo will attend the event. With a list of potential candidates being narrowed down for the title, Stephany Zreik has emerged as one of the front runners for the title. She is 24 years of age, stands 169 cm tall and is a lawyer who has perfectly balanced out her work schedule along with modeling.



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Stephany is not new to beauty pageant world as she participated in Miss Earth Venezuela 2019 and was adjudged as Miss Earth Fire Venezuela 2019 at the end of the event finale. After winning the crown, she thanked everyone for out pouring their love and support towards her and assured to do her best in her reign. She has worked with a few renowned designers and brands in Venezuela which has helped her to gain more experience and knowledge which will surely help her during the competition if she gets crowned as the new Miss Earth Venezuela 2020.

As Miss Earth Fire Venezuela 2019, Stephany expressed that she would like to be an example that with love and humility many things can be achieved.  She added “as we are in a contest that seeks to preserve the Mother Earth, the first thing I would do would be to create a campaign that eliminates the use of straws so that they are exchanged for biodegradable straws.” She has worked really hard to bring in the change in the society that can help in changing the environment for better. The diva has also expressed that during her reign as Miss Earth Fire Venezuela 2019, she has learned a lot about the environment, beauty pageants, and how a queen takes up the charge and she is immensely thankful to the organization for believing her in with the title.



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She added, “It is really worth the love, the support and the UNION, what would a queen be without her people? You are the GREATEST thing I have taken this year! And I only have words of gratitude that remain small compared to so much that they have given me! This year I gained many valuable people in my life and also a great family”.

Stephany has also used her social media platform to advocate or enlighten the people about the stereotypes of the society including a perfect body, perfect skin, hair, etc. She has mentioned that one should never give up on themselves just because the society or social media says so. One has to so self-assured that how they are is perfect. One of the attributes that she wants everyone to focus on is their smile and the way the act towards others.



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The diva is utilizing the time she has during the pandemic to work on herself and is eating healthy, working out and embracing every second of the time she has. She loves to spend her time on the beach with her friends and family. She is beautiful, confident, and determined towards her goal that is to make a positive impact on the society and if she gets selected as the new Miss Earth Venezuela 2020, she will be a step closer to her dream.