Miss France 2019 Vaimalama Chaves declines participation in Miss Universe or Miss World

28 Jun 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss France 2019 Vaimalama Chaves just recently took to the social media to announce that she will not be representing France in either Miss Universe 2019 or Miss World 2019. As the elected queen, Vaimalama has the right to refuse to participate as a rule of the Organization. The reigning queen is then replaced at a moment’s notice by one of the runners-up of the national contest.

The reigning beauty queen stated, “Many of you wondered what international competition I was going to participate in this year. And none of you suggested that maybe I would not go to any. Miss France 2020 will be held in Tahiti in November and I cannot not be there!”



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She went on to explain her decision as she continued, “To live the life you want to have, you have to know how to give up what you do not want. And I want to be here. So here, I choose Polynesia at the expense of Miss Universe and Miss World, whatever the date it will be and it has nothing to do with anyone. It's me.”

Jostling some established traditions of the competition, Vaimalama has decided to help prepare the contestants of the next edition rather than succumbing to the pressure of huge events such as Miss Universe and Miss World.


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While her decision has garnered mixed responses from the pageant fanatics, the question is who is going to represent France in Miss Universe 2019 and Miss World 2019. From the likes of Maeva Coucke for Miss Universe and a few other former beauty queens, the bets have begun to be placed. The appointment of the representatives is yet to happen.