Anastasia Salvi’s father raises questions for Miss Franche-Comté organization regarding her disqualification

23 Oct 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Anastasia Salvi who was crowned Miss Franche-Comté 2020 on 4th October 2020 in Morteau backed out of the competition after few days. Anastasia took to her social media to announce that she is backing out from the competition due to some personal reasons. She was replaced by the first runner-up Coralie Gandelin as the new representative of Miss Franche-Comté for Miss France 2021.

Sylvie Tellier, general manager of the company Miss France indicated that the eviction of Anastasia was due to the photos that were sent to them anonymous and that was against the rules of the contest of Miss France. The diva took to her social media to clarify herself on the matter stating, “These photos were taken in 2017 as part of an international competition for two hairstyling brands recognized in France and around the world. These photos are obviously artistic, in no case of an erotic, pornographic or other nature. I fully understand the decision of the Miss France committee but I am inevitably disappointed. Thank you to you who voted and believed in me and gave me your support.”



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Now, Anastasia Salvi’s father who was present at the coronation ceremony when his daughter was crowned and was living dream to social media to address the issue. He recorded a video of himself addressing a letter and asking the organization and directly to Sylvie Tellier some questions that the family of the diva wants to be answered. He stated, “You asked our daughter to resign because you decided, in 10 seconds, that for you these photos were inappropriate. You told her: there’s no hope, you’re going to get roasted. You must cut your social media accounts and go for a vacation. These photos are worse than Miss Guadeloupe’s. In 10 seconds, based on your personal judgement about the nature of these photos, you broke our girl’s dream, but also part of her future that seemed very promising at the election of Miss France.”

Anastasia’s father also addressed that how much the diva has aspired to represent France at Miss Universe stage and the organization’s decision has shattered her dream. He explained that she had been preparing herself for the competition since she was a child; “never getting tattoos and not even accepting earrings from her grandmother not to have more than one piercing in her ear in order to compete when she got older,” he added.



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The diva’s father added, “Well, miss, you were wrong about the nature of these photos. And our daughter didn’t get roasted, on the contrary. Everyone finds her photos artistic, beautiful, and not inappropriate. You say that you had never seen these photos. But madam, let me tell you, no one believes you. These photos, and the hairdresser in question confirmed it, were made by the hairdresser who’s been a partner of the Miss Franche-Comte Org for 10 years.” He also raised a question that Anastasia’s 1st runner-up, in the “Journal du progre`s”, on 5th October 2020 before all of this happened, said “If anything happens to Miss Franche-Comte´ Anastasia Salvi, I could replace her at the Miss France election. Coincidence?”  He ended by saying to Sylvie that she made an inappropriate and personal judgement, and that it was finally time for her to admit it.

The organization is yet to comment on Anastasia Salvi’s father’s question yet but the pageant fanatics have lent their support and love for the diva and asked the organization to answer the questions asked and let Anastasia Salvi compete for the pageant.