Miss Universe Argentina 2019 Mariana Varela appointed Miss Grand Argentina 2020

15 Oct 2020 | Ana Walia

The organization of Miss Grand Argentina has announced Mariana Varela as the new Miss Grand Argentina 2020 and she will be representing the country at Miss Grand International 2020 stage. She has succeeded Miss Grand Argentina 2019 Agustina Epelde for the title and is very excited to represent the home country again at an international stage.

Mariana is 24-years-old and stands 180 cm tall and has earned her journalism degree from National University of Avellandea and works as a professional model. She has represented Argentina at Miss Universe 2019 stage where she was highly appreciated for her strong performance but unfortunately, was not placed at high positions.



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The diva is a keen advocate about equality around the world and stands against any gender violence. She cares deeply about this cause because she has suffered from this type of violence in the past and believes that if with her experience if she can help someone in need, she is all up for that. She works hard towards making her advocacy reach to a massive audience and with Miss Grand International 2020 platform, she can reach to a wider audience.

Mariana has been told and felt that she is not capable enough to represent her country at international stage but after winning her title as Miss Universe Argentina 2020, she took to her social media to explain that no matter what people around her told her, she never gave up on her dream. She has the same positive, hopeful spirit alive in her where now she wants to perform her best at Miss Grand International stage and bring the crown home. She had mentioned, “I never gave up, because regardless of any crisis that we go through, it is necessary not to lose focus on how much we are worth!”




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The diva’s journey to the crown is something that has helped her to not only grow as a model but as a person as well. She has learned a lot from all her experiences and is very grateful for the one who were there to support and motivate her. “I learned from every moment of joy, sadness, insecurity, euphoria, etc.,” she added. Mariana strongly believes that if a person who dares to dream must also dare to make that dream come live and nothing can be achieved if one is not ready to put their best effort. She is very proud that she has been given a chance to represent her country at international stage again and has assured that she will perform her best to win the crown.

Mariana describes herself as reserve yet passionate woman who believes in herself and her dreams. She is not afraid to share her insecurities or fears because she feels, “there is nothing more wonderful than accepting that things happen in this life because they have their purpose if we make an effort to seek it.” She is fascinated with training athletics and loves to train whenever she gets some time. “This activity became a passion and I came to represent my district in internal competitions in Buenos Aires,” she mentioned.

The diva is confident, strong, determined, and focused towards performing her best on-stage and making the people of Argentina proud. She is assured that with her strong performance and dedication, she will be able to impress the judges and the audience at the competition.