Naïma Dessout not to represent Saint Martin Saint Barthélémy at Miss France 2021

15 Oct 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Naïma Dessout who was elected as the new Miss Saint Martin Saint Barthélémy 2020 on 19th August 2020 at 978 Sanctorum in Rambaud, on the island of Saint-Martin in the West Indies will no longer represent the province at Miss France 2021. The organization of Miss Saint Martin Saint Barthélémy announced that Miss France Organization has decided to disqualify the participation of the diva in a press release stating that her personal "non-compliant" photos were sent anonymously to the organization, resulting in her disqualification.

Prior to Miss Saint Martin Saint Barthélémy 2020’s disqualification, Miss Guadeloupe 2020 Anaëlle Guimbi was also disqualified from representing her province at Miss France 2021 stage as some of her personal pictures taken as part of a campaign to support the fight against breast cancer, deemed non-compliant.



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In their press release, the organization has stated, “It’s with great regret that Miss St. Martin St. Barthélémy committee for Miss France announces that our ambassador Naïma Dessout isn’t allowed to participate in the election of Miss France 2021. In fact, after being elected our candidate has been a victim of an anonymous denunciation by sending non-compliant photos of her directly to the Miss France Org. Given the nature of the photos, the national regulations of Miss France Organization in its current aspects leaves no margin of appreciation that could allow Naïma to participate. We take this opportunity to thank everyone who, through their votes, social media support, fan pages and press, have accompanied Naïma so far. We wish a serene preparation for the other candidates for the upcoming regional elections and a nice suite of adventure to the ambassadors already elected for the rest.”

Sarolia Ada, member of the Northern Islands Committee announces that despite disqualification from the national competition, the young woman will keep her scarf and her Miss Saint-Martin Saint-Barthélemy crown. "There will therefore be no dismissal of Naïma. It is inconceivable. For the simple reason that whatever happens, Naïma is and will remain Miss Saint-Martin / Saint-Barthélemy and that our priority is and will remain our values human rights and the protection of our past, present and future candidates who trust us,” she wrote.



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Naïma also took to her social media account addressing the issue and mentioning that she does not wish to go back over it but she is a little disappointed with the decision because she had not imagined that her adventure would turn out this way. She also mentioned that she is shocked and highly disappointed with the fact that she was targeted by someone simply because she was a part of a beauty pageant.

The diva ended her post by stating that she is still hopeful and positive in nature and always will be for her future. She thanked everyone for their support and motivation and wished every candidate who will represent their respective provinces at Miss France 2021 good luck.

Some pageant fanatics have expressed their sadness over the rules and regulations that Miss France organization has been following for a long time. They have been questioning the organization for a simple fact that why a platform which is meant to empower the young woman disqualifying them based on something that they have done for a cause or in the past.