Ecuador’s Sonia Luna Menéndez focuses on winning Miss Grand International 2020

26 Feb 2021 | Angelique Reyes

Sonia Luna Menéndez was designated Miss Grand Ecuador 2020 by the organization of Concurso National de Belleza and became the official representative of Ecuador at Miss Grand International 2020. She replaced Lisseth Naranjo and succeeded Miss Grand Ecuador 2019 Mara Topic for the title. 

Sonia is 25-years-old and stands 178 cm tall and is studying in third year of her Clinical Psychology degree at the Catholic University of Guayaquil. She is excited to visit Thailand and meet all the other delegates from across the world and start preparing for the finale night which is scheduled to be hosted on 27th March 2021.



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The diva was Queen of Guayaquil in 2017 has prepared well for the competition even though she had a very little time to prepare for the competition compared to the other delegates but she is assured that she will do justice and above all have fun. Sonia accepted this challenge as she believes that being Miss Grand Ecuador 2020 bring a lot of opportunities for her for which she is grateful.

Sonia mentioned, "The preparation of a miss is quite specific, I have been two years without participating and I had to return with my coach because one thing is a national contest, and another to go to represent your country, knowing that you are going to compete with other women who they have the same objective as you.” After being appointed as Miss Grand Ecuador 2020, she stated that she felt utterly blessed and honored that she was handpicked by the organization to represent the country at international stage.



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For her preparation, Sonia focused on walking on-stage, practiced twists, communication and being resourceful in every aspect that is needed to finesse to win the title for her country. She speaks Spanish and English fluently and is very confident with her performance. She is assured that she will be able to fulfill her dream of not only being a representative of Ecuador at international stage but also secure high position at the competition and make the people of her country proud. She shared on her social media, “I'm not going to lie to you, it's been HARD work, but that's really how I like things. The easy, the free and the effortless, particularly bores me.”

Sonia has managed to impress everyone with her exquisite looks and features with impeccable figure, confidence and determination needed to win the crown. She gives an example of Miss Grand Ecuador 2019 Mara Topic who finished at the top 10 at the end of the event finale of Miss Grand International 2019, "It's incredible, before her we had not achieved that in that contest and the work that has to be done is to achieve the same or more," she added.



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The gorgeous beauty has done social projects that focus on health and organizes workshops in schools about bullying and self-esteem. She is currently advocate for issues such as gender equality and advocacy for women's rights. She loves to read books and articles about her career, fan-fiction and social issues, along with watching anime. She says that she was a bit cold, unaccustomed to the intense pace of life, however, she has managed to change the chip and rise to the level of the demand, especially for the time that is pressing.

The Ecuadorian beauty mentioned a heart filled gratitude to everyone who has been supporting her and motivating her for the competition. The diva also shared that the organization has been helping her to enhance her looks and maintaining the body through proper training and diets that are monitored by the professionals. She is beautiful, confident, and determined to win the competition and with her enchanting looks she can impress anyone. The diva mentioned, “Things that I treasure and were invaluable and full of motivation for every sacrifice and effort I had to make to achieve the goal.”