Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi expresses outrage over viral ‘panty mask’ video

27 Feb 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The outbreak of COVID-19 across the world everything coming at halt was something no one expected to happen but the government of every country is trying their best to keep the pandemic under control and one of the necessary precautions that everyone is to wear a mask.



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Since the announcement of mask being compulsory while moving out, there have been a lot of videos that went viral on social media that showcased a section of people refusing to wear mask adding to the list of conspiracy theorists who blame the government for the pandemic.

Recently, one Twitter user shared a video on the social media that was recorded a few days ago at the checkout line at a grocery store, that shows an unnamed woman being asked to wear her mask, something she neglected to do while shopping. But, instead of excusing herself and leaving the shop, she does the unthinkable – pulls off her underwear and wears it as a mask.

The user shared the video with a caption, “We as South Africans are truly one of a kind.”



Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi who has been advocating via her social media to her fans and followers about taking precautions and doing the right thing as suggested by the government shared her response about the video as well and she was not happy.

She quoted the video and wrote, “What is it? Is it entitlement? That you've never been told in your life that you MUST do something or you MUST abide. All of a sudden you must deal with not getting special treatment. Is it that? How embarrassing. Just put your masks on or stay home. Geez!” She urged everyone to not put everyone’s lives at risk. She has been vocal about how hard it is for everyone to survive the pandemic but the necessary precautions must be taken for the sake of one’s own good.

The pageant fanatics and fans of Miss Universe queen shared the same sentiment as her and mentioned that this behavior is not acceptable whereas other people blamed the one taking the video by stating that acts like this encouraged her behavior which could have avoided if someone pointed out her mistake then and there.

One of the users wrote, “Another thing is that they would never call each other out for this crazy behavior. The guy behind the camera is chuckling while the other lady encourages her nonsense.” Not wearing a mask in public after a law-enforcement warning, is a criminal offence in South Africa and carries a R1 500 penalty.