Puteri Indonesia 2021 Wishlist: Karen Nijsen

27 Feb 2021 | Ana Walia

The organization of Puteri Indonesia announced that Puteri Indonesia Foundation and PT Mustika Ratu Tbk will hold the coronation for Puteri Indonesia 2021 soon where the delegates from all over the country will compete for the national crown and earn their chance to represent Indonesia at Miss Universe 2021, Miss International 2021, and Miss Supranational 2021.

With a list of delegates being prepared for the beauty pageant, one name that has caught attention is Karen Nijsen as she seems like an ideal candidate to represent Indonesia at international competition. Hailing from Jakarta, Karen is known to be a model of mixed blood, to be more precise Indonesia and the Netherlands. She is 20-years-old and has graduated from the Communication and Media major at Taunton School.



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The diva has managed to appear in every favorites’ list for the title as she is confident, strong, and determined to represent the country at international stage. She has traveled across the world and traveling has helped her to be more confident and determined with how she presents herself in front of the people.

Before becoming a successful model, Karen aspired to be a writer. “A lot of my writing, such as poetry and short stories. From childhood I wanted to be a writer. But it didn't work,” she exclaimed. The pageant fanatics feel that she is an ideal candidate to represent the Indonesia at international stage. She is gorgeous, confident, determined, and focuses only towards winning the prize.



A post shared by Karen Nijsen (@karennijsen)


Karen has worked with a lot of photographers which has helped her to earn experience and confident to perform on-stage. She is grateful that she has the support of her family and friends that keeps her going through such crucial times like competition. She loves to travel and her social media is full of pictures from her stunning travels. The diva has an undeniable beauty charm which can help her during the pageant.

The diva is hard working and with her focus on being the best self and representing Indonesia at international competition in future makes her an ideal choice. With her confidence, experience with modeling, enchanting personality and focused mind makes her a potential candidate to represent the people of her country at international competitions in future. She is extremely thankful for the opportunities she has received and will continue to work hard to be on the top and if she decides to participate, she could be one of the front runners.