Andrea Aguilera crowned Miss Grand Ecuador 2021

28 Jun 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Concurso Nacional de Belleza hosted the coronation night to choose the new ambassador of Ecuadorian beauty, Miss Grand Ecuador 2021 on June 26th 2021 at the TC Televisión facilities, Guayaquil city, Guayas province where 6 candidates from different provinces of the country competed for the title and the national crown.

At the end of the event, Miss Grand International 2018 Clara Sosa, from Paraguay, together with CNB Ecuador Grand 2020 Sonia Augusta Luna Menéndez crowned Andrea Victoria Aguilera Paredes, from the province of Los Rivers as the Miss Grand Ecuador 2021.



Andrea Aguilera’s court includes –

First finalist - María Emilia Vásquez Larrea of Pichincha

Second finalist - Marjorie Marlene Vivas Medranda of Manabí

Andrea stood out in every way and in all the challenges, winning the ‘Be a model’ and the ‘Miss Cielo’ ribbon among others. 20 years-old Andrea, is a medical student, and is going to the second semester of the degree but will be leaving it on pause for this year to be able to dedicate herself to her preparation to win the international competition. It is a decision she makes gladly because the world of kingdoms has been with her since she was a teenager.



The event was also expected to be attended by Miss Grand International 2020 Abena Appiah, but that for reasons of the airline, she could not arrive. The passing queen, Miss Grand Ecuador 2020 Sonia Luna bid her goodbyes with a walk and a special farewell video where she expressed her words of gratitude for the experience.

Andrea’s performance was exemplary throughout the competition and she also carries along a strong social media presence which can be another one of her strengths at the international platform as she will now be preparing for her stint to represent Ecuador at Miss Grand International 2021, scheduled to take place later this year.