Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 Top 5 finalist: Jessika Lagu

04 Mar 2020 | Abigail Henry

Jessika Lagu is competing for the national title of Miss Grand Indonesia 2020. Jessika is the product of the training of Artikawhulandary Beauty Camp Batch 5. Her abilities have been honored by alumni of Indonesian Princess who competed in Miss Universe.

Jessika comes from the province of East Nusa Tenggara, a province with beautiful diversity of cultures and amazing natural attractions. The high tolerance in the province of East Nusa Tenggara made this province dubbed the High Nusa Tolerance.

She is an active child, caring and also a perfectionist. She always believes that “every dream and hope that begins with prayer, accompanied by hard work and ended with Amen, will undoubtedly produce extraordinary changes.”



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Jessika really likes the colors blue and white. It symbolizes clear sky with a painting of white clouds created by the universe that adorns the sky. The sky that she always finds on the island of Sumba, where she grew up. When the diva went to school in Sumba, she participated in post-Islamic activities and was entrusted to bring a morning tray on the 71st Republic of Indonesia Independence Day at the East Nusa Tenggara Province.

Currently, Jessika is completing her education at the Pancasila University in Jakarta and majoring in Communication Studies. Besides studying, she is also interested in fashion, especially in modeling. With a height of 178cm, it is one of the reasons she wants to be involved in the modeling world.



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Besides being an active student in the world of lectures, she also joined in a number of campus organizations. Through this organization she had the opportunity to participate in social activities and one of them was a social activity "let's share love with them", which was in one of the schools for underprivileged children.

Starting from these social activities, she saw a hope and an answer in themselves. Hopes and answers to the problems they are currently facing, namely the war that makes the world sick. Like the shoots that are still soft and easy to shape as well as children. Therefore, she was moved to make changes to the world, starting with these shoots. She wants to educate more and more children to recognize and appreciate diversity in terms of physical, beliefs, ethnicity and culture, because she believes that, “through the knowledge of the diversity of their identities, I hope that love and tolerance will grow in themselves from an early age.”



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The beauty also quoted in one of her posts saying, “I dreamed of seeing a world healed of war and I believe in the Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 platform under the auspices of the@yayasanduniamegabintang and hyung @ivan_gunawancan realize and realize that dream come true.”

She is a true amalgamation of beauty with brains and her amazing talents and skills shows that she can be a frontrunner in the competition of Miss Grand Indonesia 2020. She has exquisite personality and remarkable beauty inside out, which outshines her whole being. She will definitely leave a noteworthy mark in the competition.

Miss Grand Indonesia 2020, the third edition of the national pageant, will host its coronation soon under the leadership of Ivan Gunawan, the new national director of the national pageant. Miss Grand Indonesia 2019 Sarlin Jones will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.