Miss Grand Indonesia 2020 Top 5 finalist: Nadia Ingrida

04 Mar 2020 | Abigail Henry

Nadia Ingrida is competing for the national title of Miss Grand Indonesia 2020. Standing 175 cm tall, she says that she is fortunate to be able to be active as a model. Indonesia has such great and diverse fashion industry that she believes it’s a privilege to be a part of it.

She was born in Surabaya and graduated from Bina Nusantara University in Jakarta with a degree in Architecture. Nadia is currently working in interior and furniture business. Design and beauty are her passion, which is why she also love fashion and creative works like photography and modeling.



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Through her one-year experience as a volunteer teaching refugees in Indonesia, she learnt the effects of war and intolerance in the world. People ripped away from their homes, separated from their families, and trying to fit in in a foreign land. The diva then made a decision to contribute and always promote peace in any way she can. She believes that children and the young generation are ready to learn about tolerance, and it is our responsibility to introduce harmony in education system.

As a concrete effort, she is working on a project to teach supplementary lessons in Thousand Islands with her fellow activists to teach elementary kids various life skills, as well as good morality and tolerance. She is fully intended to continue this program in various regions of Indonesia in the future.



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Her hobby is in muay thai, martial arts, and krav maga, not hobbies that are often associated with women. Out of curiosity and determination to train the body to be more fit, she also met like-minded athletes. “Women are strong creatures”, is what she strongly believes.

“I believe Indonesian women are determined to be steel, with a mindset that is no less competent. The proudest thing for me is when my friends and family, or people who know me through social media, become more motivated to implement a healthy life. Physical, spiritual and environmental health as well. Let's together build Indonesia for the better.”, said Nadia.



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She is so talented and brilliant. She also worked in a short film, where she played the role of Rich Brian's mother in 'The Sailor'. She calls it as a fun experience. The beauty surely is a package of talent, beauty and intellects. She is a woman of strong character. She will surely leave a noteworthy mark in the national competition and there are high chances that she can win too.

Miss Grand Indonesia 2020, the third edition of the national pageant, will host its coronation soon under the leadership of Ivan Gunawan, the new national director of the national pageant. Miss Grand Indonesia 2019 Sarlin Jones will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.