Why Claire Parker’s dethronement was a bad move by Miss Grand International Organization

25 Feb 2019 | Irina Silva

In a shocking twist, Miss Grand International Organization took the crown from Claire Elizabeth Parker who was Miss Grand International 2015 citing unsuitable actions by the former queen towards her crown. Why the dethronement was a bad move by the organization is quite evident by the massive uproar it created in the pageantry and upset everyone.


Why Claire Parker’s dethronement was a bad move by Miss Grand International Organization


On 22nd February, MGO took to their official social media to announce the news in a post, “Official Announcement, In regards to Miss Claire Elizabeth Parker, Miss Grand International 2015 to enter other pageant which she has discussed with our organization in which we suggested that the action is not suitable for the title she's holding as Miss Grand International queen, however, she has already made her final decision to move forward with her decision. With our full respect to her decision which she decided to pursue her other path as such Miss Claire Elizabeth Parker will not be able to use the title of Miss Grand International 2015 or anything which is related to MGI trademark effective from now.”

The pageantry cited how former queens in other pageants have moved on to participate in the other international beauty pageants and won those for their country. The decision seemed unfair because people believed that taking her title away years later when she has already completed her reign seemed a bit harsh and above the point.

Even though the actions seemed quite harsh to the fans, Claire surely knew the risks and the rules of an organization must be respected. Claire also took to her social media to reveal her emotions in a post where she mentioned how singular destinations were not meant to be lived in life and its all about making memories and connections along the way.


Why Claire Parker’s dethronement was a bad move by Miss Grand International Organization


She wrote, “Win or lose, succeed or fail, take everything you can from every situation, good or bad, try, try, try again, never give up, never stop dreaming, never stop learning & growing & challenging yourself, this is by far the scariest thing I’ve ever done but the options that scare you the most are the ones that will grow you & teach you the most, the greatest risks will reap the greatest rewards, so push yourself to do better, be better, try harder, fail harder, learn harder so you will achieve even greater. My heart is filled only with positivity, gratitude, respect, anticipation, hope & most of all, LOVE - Don't get caught up in negativity, don’t hold onto anger or bitterness or hate, don’t get stuck in one moment, life is an ever-changing river, let it flow through you in the way it is supposed to.”

She also wrote, “Our lives are stories made up of many chapters & as one is closing & I’m writing a new one, I hope you guys will stick around long enough to read the whole book because there are SO MANY more chapters to come! My greatest life dream is simple & only this - to know that when the day comes that I am lying on my death bed, I can look back on my life with no regrets & let go in peace, knowing that I lived & breathed & experienced & tried every single thing & every single opportunity that this world has to offer, completely & wholeheartedly, never held back and never, EVER gave up.”