Miss Grand International 2020 to be hosted in Venezuela

26 Oct 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Grand International 2020 will be hosted for the second time in Venezuela as was announced by Miss Grand International 2018 Clara Sosa who hosted the seventh edition of Miss Grand International. The result was announced at the coronation night of Miss Grand International 2019 held on 25th October in Caracas. As the country proved to be such a warm host, the organization decided to host the next edition in the country as well.


Miss Grand International 2020 to be hosted in Venezuela


With Latinas winning the pageant almost every year and maintaining such a strong foothold in the competition, the move to host in a Latin country sounds like a favourable one for the future contestants. Even though the contest faced a few problems at the beginning of the contest in Venezuela when the host Hotel caught fire as the delegates were to arrive shortly, the audience made sure they made up for the mishap with their absolute warm welcome and loud applause at the coronation night.

Venezuela can also promote tourism and culture through the pageant as the organization speaks about the same through the pageant. With the motto of ‘Stop the war and violence’, Miss Grand International is surely taking the right foot forward to try and bring a stop to the political unrest in the country.


Miss Grand International 2020 to be hosted in Venezuela

(Photo Credits: Miss Grand International Facebook Official)

While numerous candidates backed out of the competition due to the political unrest in Venezuela in Miss Grand International 2019, we are hoping to see a greater footfall in the 2020 edition. Who is excited?